The Wonderous Wedding Fair


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Every bride-to-be knows that a wedding fair (or 3) is a must during your planning time. Free goodies, inspiration everywhere and a little indulgent bride time with your best girls.

Since we got engaged I have been to 2 wedding fairs (you can read about them here and here) and both have been a little more exciting then your average (re: traditional) wedding fair.

As we don’t fancy ourselves a traditional kinda couple, we don’t want a traditional wedding, so as you can imagine a traditional wedding fair (think butterflies, chair covers and crystals) really isn’t my cup of tea. I have a knack of going off something as soon as it becomes trendy… an frustrating trait for any bride to be I’m sure you’ll agree!

Anyway, today I have been to my third; The Wonderous Wedding Fair organised by Doily Days and The Vintage Parade taking place in my home town of Southsea.

With two of my best girls in tow we headed to The Pryamids and spent a fun few hours on a sunny Sunday indulging in all things bridal.

We got their early, just after 11, and as soon as we entered we spotted the lovely Lily of Lily Lupin Floral Design who was offering chances to design and make your own flower crown! Of course we jumped straight in…

img_0270 img_0272This was so fun… Lily allowed us to design our own crown using the colours and flowers we wanted… Chloe and Anna chose a mix of bright blooms and I selected peach and ivory roses and lemon balm (it also smells amazing!)


With our floral crowns on board and joined by the beautiful Kelly and her mum, we headed off to watch the first Fashion Show of the day. The designs were a mix of local, bespoke and vintage gowns, and whilst none were my cup of tea, it was still fun to watch. The giant WONDER lights at the back of the stage were pretty special too!


After that it was time to check out the stalls….

The first thing that grabbed my eye was the pretty stationary designer Geri Loves Emi. Having just designed our wedding stationary I loved Geri’s whimsical and delicate florals and illustrative style. Her designs were unique and very pretty indeed!


The next stall that caught our eye was the stunning dried floral art made by Katie….

img_0284 Unfortunately the close up I took was blurry (I knew I should have taken my big camera) but Katie’s pieces were stunning. You can see more of her work on her website Lotus Floral Art. I was especially drawn to her gorgeous button holes and the rather delicious edible flower and chocolate freebies


With our fresh flower crowns on our heads we felt a little like we were the opposition but being able to treasure your flower crown forever is a lovely idea and they really were works of art!

Round the corner and on to the next row of stalls and our eyes were instantly drawn the the seriously gorgeous display of Jemima Cakes. Not only were the cakes, meringe kisses, favours and other various sweet treats on show utterly gorgeous on the eye, but Harriot was also lovely. I think we all wanted to befriend her (in a totally cringey girl crush way! haha) I always presumed we’d make our cake but seeing Harriot’s masterpieces I must admit I’m a bit tempted now!

img_0288 img_0289 img_0525Again I wish I’d brought my proper camera as my phone snaps just don’t do it justice! But seriously go check out her fb page and stalk her on Instagram! I promise you won’t be disappointed (warning, while not disappointed, I can’t promise you won’t leave not feeling hungry!)

The next stall that we stopped at was Choc & Truffle… probably because it was covered in chocolate (hey don’t judge) We were treated to some lovely strawberry chocolate and they were delish! Any chocolate lovers out there should definitely check out this local company!


After filling our boots with sweet treats it was time to move on. The next stall that stopped us in our tracks was Paper Bear Lane. A lovely lady who drew gorgeous little book invitations! these were seriously cute and the lady behind the artwork (I didn’t catch your name I’m sorry!) was lovely too!! If you’re after something a little different for your wedding stationary I seriously suggest these guys!!

img_0294 img_0295

After here I don’t think we really chatted in depth to many people but there were some stunning florals by Cabbage White Flowers.

img_0297 img_0298

And some over lovelys bits along the way….

img_0296 img_0301 img_0527 img_0300 img_0282We kinda rushed the end part as we decided to take part in a ‘Show Girl Do’ bit of fun backstage with the lovely Dawn! With a selection of other apprehensive gals we shyed away to the edges not sure what to expect. After 10 minutes Dawn has us dancing around in faux feather boas, learning silly routines and giving alot of “tits and teeth”. Very funny, flirty and silly! Dawn not only is a 50’s/60’s singer/entertainer, she also does hen dos and on the day dances etc! Check out her website to find out more, she was a hoot!

So there you have it, a really cute day with my girls and a really cute wedding fair especially as I do believe it was the first of it’s kind! Well done Doily Days and The Vintage Parade!

Wedding Series #11


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Another month has flown by at lightening speed and we find our selves passing the nine month count down point… ekk! (we celebrated with ice cream’s as all the best grown ups do!)

In the last month we have been finishing up our wedding info bundles to go out to all those that RSVP’d yes…. a 98% success rate I should point out!

This has been incredibly fun and frustrating in equal measures.

The design side of it has been a joy…. the printer they were being printed on; an utter joke… much to the frustrations of me, Maxwell and the men doing the printing…

Who knew printers could be so temperamental…? Apparently a change in the weather, temperature, even time of day could effect the colour quality. Obviously, as a somewhat bride-to-be control freak this was doing my head in, but I’m happy to report we got there in the end and my fiancé and I spent Sunday evening bundling them all up ready for posting out this week!

What’s shocked me about this part of the invitation process is just how much you need to tell people, I can 100% see why so many people do websites these days. These bundles are cram packed full of (and I quote) “exciting, sensible and very handy things to know”.

I’ll post some pics next month once I’ve been sure all our guests have received theirs (and I’ve had a chance to photograph them)

This month has also been about something I hadnt thought I’d have to think about… an engagement shoot!

Our wonderful photographer Hayley Savage (check out her website she’s amazing) got in touch to say she’d like like to do a couple shoot with us. I was of course over the moon, not only because it would give us a trial run and practice at “posing” before the big day, but also because, having never had this done I was excited to get some beautiful shots of the boy and I. I tend to spend most of my time behind a lens, capturing my lover in all his candid glory, but similar shots of me are few and far between. I’m not the most confident in front of a lens, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have beautiful photos of myself to look back on when I’m old and wrinkly! haha

Hayley has been great and is 100% up for my creative input. We’ve got a joint shared pinterest board where we’re sharing ideas and locations. We’re going to do the shoot in Southsea where we live and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ve spent the majority of this month ordering and returning ASOS clothes and researching non cringey couple poses. I know with ‘couple shoots’ it’s very much each to their own, but I was still flabbergasted but how many engagement/pre-wedding shoots I hated. They were overly staged or just plain cringey…

That being said I am happy to report that I’ve found some stunning inspiration and Hayley is happy with my suggestions. I’ll share a few of my faves:














I think if I had to sum up the vibe, it’d be laid back, bohemian, natural, candid and beautiful. I just want it to look like us and show off our love for one another.

I’m equally happy to report that I think I’ve finally sorted what to wear. (a totally trivial and girly thing to obsess over, I know, but hey don’t judge me) For someone who’s not brought a single thing for her wardrobe all year, I thought I deserved the chance to get something special and new. After lots of ideas and about 100 odd dresses brought and returned, I’ve finally narrowed it down to 3 looks.

I wanted something really wow and over the top, that when photographed on the seafront, the wind giving it flight, would pop and look sensational (I’m thinking of the rust coloured dress above) Then I wanted something that was just very me. (but new and therefore better) and with two looks (a dark floral maxi dress and silky wrap skirt – to be teamed with an old grey knotted tee) I think I’ve cracked it.

Boys have it so easy haha

So there you have it… A few of the images I’ve been admiring, and what i’m thinking of wearing. I’ll share my inspiration Pinterest board once we’ve got the shots back. I cant wait to see them and hope we can create something as special and treasured as these… I hope these images will be something that we’ll keep forever and love as much as our wedding photos.

How exciting!! Till next month…

Hitched Part 2 – Mr & Mrs Reid


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As I mentioned before, I offered to set up for my lovely friend Kate & her now hubby Joff’s wedding back in early September.

I wanted to wait a while so the new Mrs Reid could share the pics first…. no one should steal the brides thunder!

But now It’s late October I hope I’m safe to share some of the decor I helped to put out for the big day.

dscf5521 dscf5523

Now I’m taking no real credit for the amazing end results… Kate and Joff had sourced, made or bought all the items which transformed Rosie’s (a traditional french vineyard restaurant) into the tropical wedding haven it became, all I did was send a few pinterest suggestions and arrange everything with my lovely fiancé Maxwell.

Kate and Joff had a clear picture for their big day and this was reflected in everything they brought together which helped make the reception so them. From hiding traditional fireplaces to masking prints and blackboards which weren’t them, the final result looked effortless and absolutely stunning! The handmade lengths of rag bunting, the signs… it’s all the little touches that really made it so special!

dscf5406 dscf5408 dscf5364 dscf5362 dscf5377 dscf5384 dscf5403 dscf5456

On the Friday evening I joined Kate, her mum, Joff and the best man and we made an early start putting up the rag bunting and doing the lights/tablecloths. (a very wise move as we used all 3 hours of time in the morning to do the rest!)


When Saturday morning came around Maxwell and I loaded my car with boxes and boxes of pink and green and rocked up at Rosie’s at 9am on the dot to start doing our work. With the hand dip dyed table cloths already in place the first thing I did was lay out the grey marble paper place mats and place setting/name cards which the couple had screen printed themselves. The little bundle of pink menu, tropical green napkin and tracing paper name was lovely and already gave the tables a fab feel.

dscf5336 dscf5356 dscf5357 dscf5371

After that it was time to start doing the styling and dressing the tables. Kate had put together a box for each table including a mix of candle jars, candle sticks, faux plants and flowers, hand painted table numbers by Joff and tea light holders and mini pineapples.

dscf5412 dscf5466 dscf5467 dscf5492

I knew Kate wasn’t a matchy matchy kinda girl so I just did what I felt worked and was able to creatively put items together which looked good and gave the table more height and colour. The end result was stunning. I checked it looked good from all angles and also added some extra fresh eucalyptus leaves into the mix to get more greenery onto the tables.

dscf5434 dscf5441 dscf5435

After that we set up the drinks table. We fashioned a stand from a yellow wire basket I had at home and laid out cups, straws and a few styling items.

dscf5442 dscf5445 dscf5380 dscf5383

Then it was time for the garden… I cut lengths of ombré dyed fabric to cover the silver tables and dressed the tops with a mix of lanterns, pineapples, flowers and candles. It was lovely as it brought the decor out into the garden and created a little tropical garden paradise!

dscf5378 dscf5387 dscf5386 dscf5390 dscf5391 dscf5394 dscf5393 dscf5449

Apart from a rose gold love balloon and a few black board signs which we did, the next thing on our to-do list was the cake & gift table. Kate and Joff had decorated a woven screen with huge pink flowers and green foliage and in front of that sat the cake table. This would act as a focal point for the room and it looked amazing.

dscf5414 dscf5416

We laid out a huge wooden cake stand which was graced by an amazing grey marble cake from Carl Christian’s Cakes in Southsea and topped with a green posey from Ultraviolet Flowers (who also did the sensational bouquets and flower crown) We placed hexagonal bamboo plates around either side of the cakestand legs. On either side of that I loaded brass plates with huge piles of pink and white sprinkled donuts! AMAZING!

dscf5401 dscf5399 dscf5338 dscf5478

Next to that was the guestbook/gift table. I started by draping a length of daisy adorned fabric which was once destined to be Kate’s veil over the edge of a big woven basket. Also on the table was a lightbox sign (with the best message) a brass pineapple, the guestbook and some flowers and other little bits and bobs.

dscf5425 dscf5396dscf5424dscf5376

The end result was a sight for sore eyes… It all looked amazing and I’m happy to share that the amazing newlyweds were over the moon with how it all looked! I’m so thrilled. It was an absolute pleasure to do and I hope photos do it justice!

dscf5507 dscf5500 dscf5405 dscf5359 dscf5361 dscf5484 dscf5497

I have also stolen and shared a couple of pictures of the beautiful Mr & Mrs Reid because well they look so darn gorgeous! If you don’t already you should follow Kate’s awesome blog…. She shared weekly wedding inspiration posts  in the run up to the big day which tell the story of their inspiration and how this tropical theme came to be! Congrats to you both you pair of babes! You can also see Kate’s wedding summary on here blog here.

kj126 kj064 kj110 kj122

I should also mention Mr & Mrs Reid utterly spoilt us with the kindest of thank you gifts! I was overwhelmed and she really is such a babe!❤

Eat #9


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And another 3 recipes to make you feel your lunch is a a bit inadequate today…

First up is this scrumptious looking Quinoa Burger from the Yellow Lemon Tree blog. If you want to try and make it, the recipe is here.quinoaburger-boerenkool2qNext up is the best lunch time accompaniment potato wedges! I discovered these on Pinterest but they originated from tuuliatalvio‘s Instagram feed! You can see it here.


My last offer for you today is all the things I love most in a lunch… Olive Pesto, Courgette, feta and garbanzo bean stuffed pitta’s!!! Mmm Mmmmmm

greek-olive-pesto-and-fried-zucchini-grilled-pitas-w-marinated-feta-garbanzo-beans-11The recipe is from my foody blog faves Half Baked Harvest and you can find the recipe here.

Till next time!!

Eat #8


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Ohhh it’s been a while, but with Autumn comes soups, and roasts and delicious comfort food… be prepared to get hunnnggrrryyyyyy…

First up is a soupy favourite of mine…

Vegan Roasted Poblano Corn Chowder from Make Thyme for Health (yay for anyone who likes a creamy soup but can’t do dairy!)

roasted-poblano-corn-chowder-10-700x949Feeling intrigued??? You can find the recipe here.

Next up is two winter warmers from my favourite Half Baked Harvest…. Pasta & Curry… Mmmmm

So first up is Butternut Squash & Goats Cheese Ravioli with browned butter and oregano bread crumbs. (How good does that sound?) Recipe here.


And next offering is a Thai Laska Curry with crunchy chickpeas. Again recipe here.

thai-pumpkin-laksa-with-crunchy-fried-chickpeas-12I cant imagine anything better on a chilly afternoon, can you? Hope you like and if you try, let me know how you get on!?


Wedding Series #10


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Another month has passed…. and you might say it’s been a fashion filled month!  The last 30 days have been all about the dress! and not just my dress I should add, but everyones dresses, friends wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, the hunt for THE dress… yep, there’s been a whole lot of dress talk this month!

I started the month by confiding in a bride-to-be bestie that I’d been feeling a little disconnected with the whole dress idea… I’d always presumed I’d make my dress and whilst I had a sketch of the design I thought I wanted, no more had been done.

I don’t know what it was… Maybe I was worried about getting it right, or was putting off trying dresses on because I was worried none would fit, or quite possibly it was just that it was such a big deal I wasn’t ready to deal with it… I’m not really sure, but for what ever reason the fashion graduate inside me was hiding away behind collecting decor and designing stationary.

My fellow bride-to-be helped me out of the slump by encouraging me to try and get a last minute appointment with the beautiful Grace Loves Lace.


For those that don’t know, Grace Loves Lace is an amazing Australian bridal brand who produce the most beautiful bohemian and unique dresses. Being that they’re based in Australia and don’t have outlets in the Uk, every year or so, they organise a Concierge Event where they come to to the Uk and set up a posh little bridal pop up shop.

In the heart of London, over 2-3 weeks, the lovely GLL girls plan to meet over 300 brides-to-be from across the UK and Europe. They deck the space out so it feels like a Grace Loves Lace showroom ensuring all visiting brides-to-be experience the signature GLL service.

So, knowing all this, with fingers crossed I sent a pleading email seeing if they could fit me in. Obviously the wedding gods must have been smiling down on me as I got one of 5 remaining time slots! Yay!

Mumma Lo and I set off early one Friday morning and rocked up at Clerkenwell Gallery with about 4 minutes to spare…. Right from the word go I was impressed. The spaces looked beautiful. Styled by London based wedding planner/stylists Knot and Pop with gorgeous florals from Still Life Flowers and furniture from West Elm!


dscf5553 dscf5602

I was greeted by my lovely stylist Amy (a good sign I thought) and was taken down to the space where I was to have my fitting… A glass of champagne in hand we all sat down and discussed our big day and the general vibe of it. Hanging up were the 5 gowns I’d selected and with equal amounts of excitement and nerves I stripped off and took the wedding dress plunge.


Now anyone who’s had a wedding dress fitting before will concur thats it’s an odd experience. You’re stood there in your (newly purchased pretty nude) pants and a pair of heels and are basically dressed like a child! But when you come out the dressing room and see yourself in the first wedding dress you’ve ever tried on it’s a pretty surreal experience and a pretty important moment in a woman’s life.

Much to my surprise and delight I managed to get 3 out of the 5 dresses round my ample bosom which was lovely. The whole experience was a joy and whilst none were The One, I left feeling inspired and happy.

dscf5609 dscf5613

Over a spot of lunch and another glass of bubbles, Mumma Lo and I discussed the dresses and what we liked and didn’t. There was an unexpected element on one of the dresses which changed my initial idea. With this in mind we checked out the soho fabric shops… 2 very different experiences and 2 very different sales assistants and it was time to head home, our minds in an absolute muddle.

Let me elaborate: the fabrics I liked didn’t fit the dress idea and vice versa, the fabrics I wasn’t keen on were the ones that would be needed to create the dress I had designed. Urgh…

Back at home I got the sketchbook out and was doodling all the elements I wanted in my gown…. finding myself drawing the same thing again and again I gave up and dug out my original ideas on Pinterest…. Weirdly a dress popped up which embodied all the qualities I wanted… The more I looked, the more I loved….

Could this be it, had I found the one?!?!

Typically the dress was of another international designer with only two outlets in the Uk… but I made a call and this is where I’m going to go all vague on you so not to give anything away…

dscf5717 dscf5716 dscf5718

The shop stocked the gown I had fallen for but alas it was a sample size 10 and had a £3000 price tag…. ouch! Still, undeterred we had another early morning start and off we headed. I got butterflies when trying it on, which I kind of managed to do (even being a fair few sizes too small) and still loved it.


I begrudged however spending that much on dress I couldn’t properly try on (plus, it would have completely blown our modest budget out of the water) so I’ve made a definitive decision and we (my gorgeous Mumma and I) will definitely be making my wedding dress in the ultimate DIY bride move. The plan is to take the bits I love most from ‘The Dress’ and the material I had fallen for in the shops, change the bits I wasn’t so keen on and create a dress that is so very me!

Having done this experience I feel so much more confident about getting it right and making a dress which is perfect for me. Yay!!!!


All in all an interesting experience yes, but enlightening too… It’s made me realise how much I value Maxwell’s input… All I’ve wanted to do is talk it through with him… He’s the one that I want to impress most and it’s his opinion I value most. Keeping quiet has been so very hard!!

As I mentioned at the beginning though, it’s not been all about me… It’s also been so lovely talking dresses with my two beautiful besties, both of whom I am honoured to be bridesmaids for! Yay!

I wont give any of their secrets away either but eekkkkkk.

We’ve also had some fun finding a dress for Maxwell’s Niece who is the oldest of my mini maids. I wanted to find her something which echoed the little minis but also was grown up and a bit special.

Taking inspiration from B, who ordered 26 dresses and with a fridge stocked full of prosecco had her girls round in an epic bridesmaid mass trying on session; Maxwell, Freya and I ordered a load of pretty gowns and whilst a few looked cute there was one that had that laid back 70s / vintage vibe which we were loving! yay… another dress sorted and another thing ticked of the mammoth wedding to-do list!

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-12-22-50 screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-12-23-02

So…. there you go… another month down, another late wedding post and another month closer to our most special of days! We celebrated our 10month count down by treating ourselves to a cheeky little dinner out, a few drinks and an early night.

Till next month…


Blurry Drunken Thursdays and London Adventures


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It’s not often that I go out and have a drink (or in this case like 18 drinks…) on a school night anymore. Rewind 5 years and school night drinking was a weekly occurrence. But these days… not really (blame my lightweight fiancé or my old age if you will but either way it hardly ever happens)

Which is why this night was so very fun and I had to share. These pics have been hiding in the back of ‘My Pictures’ file for a few months now but better late then never hey!?!

So I was up in London for a conference for work, but stayed on a few days to see some friends and check out the Undressed exhibition at the V&A. Let’s get the sensible grown up stuff out the ways first shall we!?

Drunken shenanigans don’t seem so bad if you’ve also enjoyed a vegan lunch date and a bit of culture!😉

The first treat of my little break was a lunch date with the beautiful Lacey! She took me to the most amazing little vegan restaurant in Shoreditch called Redemption and we had the most delicious meal!

dscf3558 dscf3559

I also took myself to the V&A to see the awesome Undressed exhibition. Any one who knows me knows I’ve got a thing for lingerie so this exhibition was amazing. Unfortunately you couldn’t take photos so you’ll have to make do with my sketches and a sneaky peek!

dscf3672 dscf3673 dscf3675 dscf3679 dscf3680

Obviously whilst at the V&A on a sunny day you have to have lunch in the courtyard and take the obligatory blown glass chandelier photo….

dscf3670 dscf3676 dscf3678But it’s what happened on my Thursday evening in London that I really wanted to share…. I met up with my beautiful best friend Kel and her now fiancé in a bar in Clapham and we had ourselves a, well quiet a few bottles of Prosecco…

The photos need no explanation, just good friends, even better times, befriending strangers, dancing on tables, silly posing and a whole load of drunken blurry photos! Here’s to you two babes… I felt awful the next day but looks like we had a super fun evening!! xx

dscf3591 dscf3592 dscf3594 dscf3597 dscf3598 dscf3602 dscf3607 dscf3610 dscf3615 dscf3618 dscf3620 dscf3623 dscf3624 dscf3627 dscf3632 dscf3634 dscf3640 dscf3643 dscf3644 dscf3652 dscf3657 dscf3658 dscf3660 dscf3661 dscf3663 dscf3667

A G.Daughter Sleepover Part 1


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I have three pretty special God Daughters; Lottie aged 11, Juno aged 5 and Lilly aged 2. These girls mean the world to me and whilst I’ve had the girls separately on their own since they were wee babes, I’d never had them collectively meaning they’d never met their god sisters (a term they seemed pretty happy to adopt) Lilly is still a little young to join in the fun so during the summer break I organised to have the other two girls for a couple of G.Daughter sleepovers. I thought it would be fun for them to meet, especially as they’re all part of my mini maid crew.

The plan was simple… home made pizza’s and a movie on the wednesday eve followed by a day at the beach… simple right….?

dscf4838 dscf4839 dscf4840 dscf4842 dscf4843 dscf4844We started the evening by making some pizza’s; a fantastically messy experience if you’ve never tried it before with two excited young ladies! haha…. All went well though and yummy individual pizza’s were made by all.

Once my bomb-site of a kitchen had been cleaned slightly and the pizza’s were in the oven it was time to choose a movie…. dscf4846 dscf4848

Whilst the pizza was a huge success trying to get these two little ladies (a Leo and a Scorpio I should point out) to agree on a film was slightly harder then I anticipated… With neither agreeing we had our first dissagreement and something which I hadnt anticipated.. We finally got there but I officially had a first glimpse into the eyes of a parent of two (kudos to you mumma’s) Lesson learnt (don’t offer a choice) and finally film chosen, we all settled down into the sofa/airbed and with staggered bedtimes we finally has a sleeping household. 

The next morning thankfully the sun was shining! yay!

After a lazy start and with both girls dressed, fed and clean (no small feat I assure you) we gathered supplies (blankets, games and snacks) and walked round the corner to grab ourselves a good spot on the beach.dscf4858 dscf4861 dscf4867 dscf4868 dscf4873

The beach is a great place to take children regardless of age…. The nice thing is with the sea there to paddle in and stones to play amongst they could occupy themselves and the age difference which was quite a difficult thing the previous night didn’t matter so much. Juno (with shell necklace on) was happy to be master of the sea and spent a good and happy hour feeding it rocks. Where as I was able to teach Lot the fine art of friendship bracelet making.dscf4875 dscf4876 dscf4879

It was lovely spending some quality time with them both, Exhausting but totally fun!
dscf4883 dscf4885 dscf4889 dscf4890There was lots of giggling and dancing and fun… Some fine qualities I hope they will always associate with their God Mumma.dscf4895 dscf4896 dscf4900 dscf4903 dscf4906 dscf4908So there you have it, a few snaps from our first successful god daughter sleep over…. Call me crazy but I also booked in a second double sleepover! haha… I’ll share some more pics soon! x

A weekend with my bestie


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Last month I got to spend a weekend with one of my most favouritist people. Miss Rebecca Higgins, former roommate and ultimate babe is my wedding twin (weddings a month apart and got engaged within a week of one another) and I also have the huge privilege of being B’s bridesmaid, something which fills me with such warm gooey feelings you wouldn’t believe it!

The main reason for the visit was to make a start on her amazing favours which I have offered to help B with, these are top secret (but so frigging cool) I’ll share some pics after her wedding so not to ruin the surprise! But we also managed to squeeze in some fun (obviously)


On the first night we went out for a super lovely dinner at the beautiful Oyster Shed on the Thames and B also treated me to a morning of hot yoga and a swim at her super swanky gym (seriously if my gym was like that I’d never leave haha)

dscf4963 dscf4964 dscf4965 dscf4966 dscf4967 dscf4968

We also browsed Selfridges dress department with bridesmaid dresses in mind and had some lunch!

dscf4976 dscf4977

For two brides to be we’re very cool with relaxing the diet and putting good food first! haha!!

Here’s to you B, Bestest friend and beautiful bride to be…. roll on the next 10 months of planning and gossip and goodtimes xxx (ps, how beautiful is london at night?)





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Victorious is a relatively new festival in my home town which happens every year, now on the glorious Southsea Seafront.

dscf5083 dscf5081

The festival is a one weekend, non camping kinda festival which has a selection of brilliant live music across multiple stages. Due to it’s location a ticket will also include free entry to the Seafront Attractions which include D- Day museum, Southsea Castle & Southsea Skate Park. There is also a huge free kids area to keep the youngsters entertained (a sure sign that everyone’s growing up and having babies) as well as lots of bustling markets stalls, real ale tents and a selection of bars and catering vans.

dscf5094 dscf5089 dscf5088

Over the last few years the boys behind the festival have been working hard to grow it and it’s getting better and better each year…

dscf5041 dscf5038 dscf5036 dscf5034 dscf5033

The addition of the World Music Village this year was our favourite! It’s where we spent most of our time. It was full of the best and quirkiest folk, hippies, the snazziest mini dancers, best food and colourful decorations.

dscf5070 dscf5073 dscf5075 dscf5107

Not being drunk or ‘young’ we much preferred the smaller acoustic stages rather then the main stages…

dscf5076dscf5052 dscf5077 dscf5099 dscf5104

Throughout the day we could be found sat on the ground (yay for no rain) in front of the RMA Tavern stage, Rhino AV Acoustic stage or the world music stage.

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The food was also amazing this year and we enjoyed some top notch nosh (try saying that three times quickly ha)

As the sun began to set we enjoyed a bit of bangra dancing, a few bigger stages and the general late night festival vibes….

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One thing we particularly enjoyed was the wishing tree! We saw it earlier in the day and it was super pretty with wishes hung amongst the branches… Amongst the serious ones for a loved ones health, world peace and good weather all weekend there were a few amusing ones, Our fave being a Harry Potter esq wish (which let’s be honest we’d all kinda like that wish to come true)

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So there you have it! Another year… Roll on next year already!!

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