Blurry Drunken Thursdays and London Adventures


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It’s not often that I go out and have a drink (or in this case like 18 drinks…) on a school night anymore. Rewind 5 years and school night drinking was a weekly occurrence. But these days… not really (blame my lightweight fianc√© or my old age if you will but either way it hardly ever happens)

Which is why this night was so very fun and I had to share. These pics have been hiding in the back of ‘My Pictures’ file for a few months now but better late then never hey!?!

So I was up in London for a conference for work, but stayed on a few days to see some friends and check out the Undressed exhibition at the V&A. Let’s get the sensible grown up stuff out the ways first shall we!?

Drunken shenanigans don’t seem so bad if you’ve also enjoyed a vegan lunch date and a bit of culture!ūüėČ

The first treat of my little break was a lunch date with the beautiful Lacey! She took me to the most amazing little vegan restaurant in Shoreditch called Redemption and we had the most delicious meal!

dscf3558 dscf3559

I also took myself to the V&A to see the awesome Undressed exhibition. Any one who knows me knows I’ve got a thing for lingerie so this exhibition was amazing. Unfortunately you couldn’t take photos so you’ll have to make do with my sketches and a sneaky peek!

dscf3672 dscf3673 dscf3675 dscf3679 dscf3680

Obviously whilst at the V&A on a sunny day you have to have lunch in the courtyard and take the obligatory blown glass chandelier photo….

dscf3670 dscf3676 dscf3678But it’s what happened on my Thursday evening in London that I really wanted to share…. I met up with my beautiful best friend Kel and her now fianc√© in a bar in Clapham and we had ourselves a, well quiet a few bottles of Prosecco…

The photos need no explanation, just good friends, even better times, befriending strangers, dancing on tables, silly posing and a whole load of drunken blurry photos! Here’s to you two babes… I felt awful the next day but looks like we had a super fun evening!! xx

dscf3591 dscf3592 dscf3594 dscf3597 dscf3598 dscf3602 dscf3607 dscf3610 dscf3615 dscf3618 dscf3620 dscf3623 dscf3624 dscf3627 dscf3632 dscf3634 dscf3640 dscf3643 dscf3644 dscf3652 dscf3657 dscf3658 dscf3660 dscf3661 dscf3663 dscf3667

A G.Daughter Sleepover Part 1


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I have three pretty special God Daughters; Lottie aged 11, Juno aged 5 and Lilly aged 2. These girls mean the world to me and whilst I’ve had¬†the girls separately on their own since they were wee babes,¬†I’d never had them collectively meaning they’d never met their god sisters (a term they seemed pretty happy to adopt)¬†Lilly is still a little young to join in the fun so during the summer break I organised to have the other two girls for a couple of G.Daughter sleepovers. I thought it would be fun for them to meet, especially as they’re all part of my mini maid crew.

The plan was simple… home made pizza’s and a movie on the wednesday eve followed by a day at the beach… simple right….?

dscf4838 dscf4839 dscf4840 dscf4842 dscf4843 dscf4844We started the evening by making some pizza’s; a fantastically messy experience if you’ve never tried it before with two excited young ladies! haha…. All went well though and yummy individual pizza’s were made by all.

Once my bomb-site of a kitchen had been cleaned slightly and the pizza’s were in the oven it was time to choose a movie….¬†dscf4846 dscf4848

Whilst the pizza was a huge success trying to get these two little ladies (a Leo and a Scorpio I should point out) to agree on a film was slightly harder then I anticipated… With neither agreeing we had our first dissagreement and something which I hadnt anticipated.. We finally got there but I officially had a first glimpse into the eyes of a parent of two (kudos to you mumma’s) Lesson learnt (don’t offer a choice) and finally film chosen, we all settled down into the sofa/airbed and with staggered bedtimes we finally has a sleeping household.¬†

The next morning thankfully the sun was shining! yay!

After a lazy start and with both girls dressed, fed and clean (no small feat I assure you) we gathered supplies (blankets, games and snacks) and walked round the corner to grab ourselves a good spot on the beach.dscf4858 dscf4861 dscf4867 dscf4868 dscf4873

The beach is a great place to take children regardless of age…. The nice thing is with the sea there to paddle in and stones to play amongst they could occupy themselves and the age difference which was quite a difficult thing the previous night didn’t matter so much. Juno (with shell necklace on) was happy to be master of the sea and spent a good and happy hour feeding it rocks. Where as I was able to teach Lot the fine art of friendship bracelet making.dscf4875 dscf4876 dscf4879

It was lovely spending some quality time with them both, Exhausting but totally fun!
dscf4883 dscf4885 dscf4889 dscf4890There was lots of giggling and dancing and fun… Some fine qualities I hope they will always associate with their God Mumma.dscf4895 dscf4896 dscf4900 dscf4903 dscf4906 dscf4908So there you have it, a few snaps from our first successful god daughter sleep over…. Call me crazy but I also booked in a second double sleepover! haha… I’ll share some more pics soon! x

A weekend with my bestie


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Last month I got to spend a weekend with one of my most favouritist people. Miss Rebecca Higgins, former roommate and ultimate babe is my wedding twin (weddings a month apart and got engaged within a week of one another) and I also have the huge privilege of being B’s bridesmaid, something which fills me with such warm gooey feelings you wouldn’t believe it!

The main reason for the visit was to make a start on her amazing favours which I have offered to help B with, these are top secret (but so frigging cool) I’ll share some pics after her wedding so not to ruin the surprise! But we also managed to squeeze in some fun (obviously)


On the first night we went out for a super lovely dinner at the beautiful¬†Oyster Shed on the Thames and B also treated me to a morning of hot yoga and a swim at her super swanky gym (seriously if my gym was like that I’d never leave haha)

dscf4963 dscf4964 dscf4965 dscf4966 dscf4967 dscf4968

We also browsed Selfridges dress department with bridesmaid dresses in mind and had some lunch!

dscf4976 dscf4977

For two brides to be we’re very cool with relaxing the diet and putting good food first! haha!!

Here’s to you B, Bestest friend and beautiful bride to be…. roll on the next 10 months of planning and gossip and goodtimes xxx (ps, how beautiful is london at night?)





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Victorious is a relatively new festival in my home town which happens every year, now on the glorious Southsea Seafront.

dscf5083 dscf5081

The festival is a one weekend, non camping kinda festival which has a selection of brilliant live music across multiple stages. Due to it’s location a ticket will also include free entry to the Seafront Attractions which include D- Day museum, Southsea Castle & Southsea Skate Park. There is also a huge free kids area to keep the youngsters entertained (a sure sign that everyone’s growing up and having babies) as well as lots of bustling markets stalls,¬†real ale tents and a selection of¬†bars and catering vans.

dscf5094 dscf5089 dscf5088

Over the last few years the boys behind the festival have been working hard to grow it and it’s getting better and better each year…

dscf5041 dscf5038 dscf5036 dscf5034 dscf5033

The addition of the World Music Village this year was our favourite! It’s where we spent most of our time. It was full of the best and quirkiest folk, hippies, the snazziest mini dancers, best food and colourful decorations.

dscf5070 dscf5073 dscf5075 dscf5107

Not being drunk or ‘young’ we much preferred the smaller acoustic stages rather then the main stages…

dscf5076dscf5052 dscf5077 dscf5099 dscf5104

Throughout the day we could be found sat on the ground (yay for no rain) in front of the RMA Tavern stage, Rhino AV Acoustic stage or the world music stage.

dscf5103 dscf5054

The food was also amazing this year and we enjoyed some top notch nosh (try saying that three times quickly ha)

As the sun began to set we enjoyed a bit of bangra dancing, a few bigger stages and the general late night festival vibes….

dscf5115 dscf5118 dscf5135 dscf5117 dscf5127 dscf5154 dscf5121 dscf5142 dscf5143 dscf5148

One thing we particularly enjoyed was the wishing tree! We saw it earlier in the day and it was super pretty with wishes hung amongst the branches… Amongst the serious ones for a loved ones health, world peace and good weather all weekend there were a few amusing ones, Our fave being a Harry Potter esq wish (which let’s be honest we’d all kinda like that wish to come true)

dscf5059 dscf5055 dscf5067 dscf5063 dscf5159 dscf5162 dscf5169

So there you have it! Another year… Roll on next year already!!

dscf5126 dscf5151

Wedding Series #9


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I know I know, I’m late again…. If this series is anything to go by I’m going to be keeping Maxwell and my guests waiting at the altar!

So, as August drew to a close we celebrated our 11 month count down, and as the 27th of each month approaches we get even more excited as it’s another month closer… I wanted to do something special for Maxwell in the year count down to our wedding day so have been giving him a card every month on the 27th… Obviously it’s only two so far but I am hoping this little collection will remind him of why we’re getting married and why I love him so much. I will of course give him the last card on the morning of our wedding day! Cute huh?


A few weeks back I was up in London doing bridesmaids bits for my beautiful bestie whom I am bridesmaid for…. On the Sunday before I came home we had ourselves a little lunch and were joined by my other bestie who is also getting married… There we sat, three brides-to-be and 2 out of the 3 grooms-to-be and of course the conversations steered into wedding talk…. But whilst we were chatting we all agreed that’s it’s nice to sometimes not talk about your wedding. Kelly and Charlie, our most recently engaged duo had friends down for the weekend and said how nice it was just talk about something else for a few days… They’re in that early stage where everyone has an opinion or a friendly suggestion and you start feeling over whelmed by it all and all the big decisions you have to make. What was really nice was chatting about someone else’s big day rather then your own… Helping Becca make her favours and do her place names… Giving advice to Kel and helping Kate set up for her big day… These small acts of wedding related kindness and friendship are more rewarding then spending loads of time indulging yourself¬†and your big day… (plus it’s super fun)

It’s so easy to get sucked into the world of Pinterest and magazines and spreadsheets that it’s important to every now and then step away from the guest list and budget and just go cuddle with your man on the sofa, ignore the diet and have some popcorn and watch a film.

Focus on you as a couple and not just the wedding! Do fun things… Have a break from the saving every now and then and book some gig tickets or enjoy a festival…. We’ve done both these things and both have been a lovely refreshing break.

We went to victorious in August and had such a lovely day hanging out and watching bands it was amazing! (I’ll do a separate post on that next)

I suppose the message of this post, or the advice if I had to make a point is to not forget¬†why you’re getting married, while yes, obviously we want the day to be amazing and unforgettable, the main reason you’re getting married is not the decor, or the dress, or the signature drinks… No, it’s because you’ve found someone who makes your life worth living and who you love more then anything or anyone else in this world and that’s what’s important.

Now… I’m off to cuddle my fianc√© ¬†xx



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Portsmouth and Southsea is a hotbed of creative folk. I know so many seriously talented artists and makers that reside on this small island so when a new creative hotspot opens up; a gallery, an art shop or studio… an excited buzz happens and people flock to check out the new creative quarter.

The Hotwalls Studios is the newest addition to our area and I had been anticipating it’s launch since the first whisperings of the project… Working at Making Space I have a thing for studio spaces and The Hotwalls Studios promised to be something quite special. Lynne, our lovely director also sat on the selection panel so I was privy to a sneak peek of the new tenants… all very exciting!


Making use of the old artillery barracks (or arches) in Old Portsmouth which, whilst good for a photos opp and the very much loved¬†pop up free art shop were for the most part unused and a waste of a good spot (if you ask me… apparently some of the local residents definitely didn’t agree). The arches have been transformed into 13 beautiful working studios. They have been done so well… As the architecture is a listed property the builders weren’t not allowed to make any big changes to the structure so whilst¬†conserving¬†the much loved historic buildings they’ve also¬†given a massive boost to local creative businesses. Double Yay!


Walls as left as they were, grafitti, exposed brick, pipework etc and it’s these unique qualities which give the studios their character and personality. A feature we loved was that the arched walk ways which connected the arches we left in place, an rather the bricking them up windows were put in which connected the studios together, a lovely feature which allows the tenants to connect with their neighbours whist still having the separate spaces.

In addition to the new studios, they have also built The Canteen,¬†which I experienced the other day and loved (I’ll do a proper post on this soon!) But tucked away in the corner, with an amazing terrace literally on the edge of the sea, it’s going to be a new eating favourite I’m sure! I’ve yet to take Maxwell but I’m thinking an early evening spot outside and sharing platter for 2 might be on the cards!!

dscf3900¬†The transformation is amazing and Maxwell and I enjoyed the excitement and buzz on the opening night! Almost all of the studios were open when we visited (which was lovely) and there is a varied and talented mix of artists/makers who have made The Hotwalls their creative home…

You can check out all the makers here, but I’d like to share with you all a few of my faves/friends as I’m especially proud of them!

The first studio we checked out was of my lovely friend Alice Hume… You may recognise her name as I did a weaving course with her back in 2015 (and wrote about it here)

Alice creates the most beautiful and tactile navajo inspired weaves. Her studio was full of looms and yarns and big ol’ proud smiles from her lovely parents.

dscf3866 dscf3870The next studio that really caught my was Alex of refold who makes “Slow Sustainable Handmade Furoshiki”.¬†A furoshiki is a versatile Japanese wrapping cloth ‚Äď a square piece of fabric which can be folded and knotted into various bags or used to wrap gifts for special occasions.

Alex is passionate about environmental sustainability her beautiful work features geometric patterns and stitch and her dyed sample sketchbooks were beautiful!


dscf3872 dscf3873 dscf3874

After that was the lovely ladies of The Makers Table. A collective of three contemporary artists; Sarah Radford, Ruth Lacey & Emma Plato whose influences stem from vintage design and their immediate environment.

dscf3878Between the three of them they create silver jewellery, mixed media sculpture and artworks, surface design, print, watercolour, drawing and textiles!

dscf3877 dscf3875

Next up was the studio which I wanted to move into, Home of the amazing Scared Obscene. A partnership of two traditional creatives on an exciting new venture. Purveyors of fine textile interiors, grand décor, art installation and apparel, The Sacred obscene take an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary craft.
With a focus on utilising the new space to experiment with large scale projects; The Sacred Obscene intend to create a dynamic and diverse work and show space. Creating functional and beautiful pieces using a range of traditional techniques, such as hand-weaving/upholstery/furniture restoration/embroidery and print making.

(I nabbed that from the website as I couldn’t have worded it better myself)

dscf3884 dscf3885 dscf3888

There studio was the stuff of creative dreams. Evert surface a collection of beautiful and gorgeous trims, flowers, textiles, spools, printing blocks… Talk about studio envy!

dscf3890 dscf3893

Moving on we encountered ceramicists, printmakers, artists, textile artists and photographers…

dscf3894 dscf3895 dscf3896 dscf3899

We ended our visit in the shared studio of Emma Nicol (who creates the amazing machine embroidered textiles above) and my awesome talented friend Laura Bennett.

dscf3898 dscf3897Inspired by nature and organic forms, Laura’s ranges of beautiful hand-made jewellery are sympathetically composed from the combination of precious metals and precious / semi-precious stones. She works instinctively, exploring the natural qualities of the materials used, the collections celebrate the fragile forms found in nature, creating beautifully delicate pieces to treasure.

I have always loved Laura’s work and am so proud and happy that she’s finally got a proper studio space, she’s destined for big things this lady!!

So there you have it… My little review of the new Hotwalls Studios and what a marvellous review it is! A real treasure in Portsmouth & Southsea’s creative crown and somewhere I am sure I will check out regularly!

Well done all and congrats to all the makers!

Hitched – A tropical Reid wedding


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I mentioned before that my beautiful friend and work buddy Kate was getting married and that many a bride to bride conversation had gone down over the last few months as we exchanged plans and ideas.
Well the date has finally arrived and Kate and her lovely boy Joff are marrying tomorrow.

The future Reid’s have had a fun few months making and DIYing lots of gorgeous tropical decor!

I volunteered to help set up in the morning, to give the bridal party a morning off but mainly because Maxwell and I have done it a few times now and I love a good wedding sneak peak!! 

I won’t give too much away now, but I’m really excited….my lounge is full of boxes of green and pink tropical loveliness!! And I can’t wait to help make the new Reid’s special day… Really special! 

I’ll share a couple of pics from Kate’s Instagram feed to give you a flavour of the day…. It’s going to be amazing!!

A day at the seaside


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I love living where I do. I know most people in Southsea feel the same way too. When friends come to visit for the day, a simple walk to the end of the road is all the entertainment that we require. No entertainment, toys or gadgets required… just a stretch of beach and a bit of mini golf!

A couple of weekends ago I was joined by a few special people for a traditional Southsea Saturday… We rode a giant swan, bounced around for a while, drew photos in the sand, enjoyed some ice-cream, danced at the bandstand, ate a cone of chips, paddled in the sea and had the worlds longest game of mini golf.

I snapped some snaps as I normally do so here’s a few…

DSCF4590 DSCF4601 DSCF4605 DSCF4621 DSCF4624 DSCF4625 DSCF4646 DSCF4655 DSCF4663 DSCF4671 DSCF4672 DSCF4676 DSCF4677 DSCF4679 DSCF4686 DSCF4688 DSCF4691 DSCF4694 DSCF4697 DSCF4699 DSCF4705 DSCF4708 DSCF4712 DSCF4716 DSCF4722 DSCF4731 DSCF4737


Adventures in Brixton


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So one of my best buds (the lovely Simon Taggart) now resides in San Francisco with his lovely lady CJ. What with him being there and me being here, catch ups are few and far between. So when he messaged to say there were stopping over in London for a few days as part of a month long European adventure, I immediately booked some time off work, and him in the diary!


Si had booked a cute little crash pad in Brixton on Airbnb¬†and once we’d dumped the bags we headed out in the glorious sunshine to Camden where we drank gin in the sunshine and ate¬†arepas from an amazing little¬†stall… we then browsed the famous Camden market stalls.

DSCF3724 DSCF3725 DSCF3727

That evening we headed to the Windmill Pub in Clapham for dinner whilst the boys watched the footy then moseyed ‘home’.

DSCF3730 DSCF3735 DSCF3731DSCF3737DSCF3745

The next day,we started our day with¬†a rather scrumptious breakfast at Gail’s bakery

DSCF3747 DSCF3749 DSCF3750 DSCF3751

With full bellies we headed to The British Museum for a bit of culture.

DSCF3754 DSCF3757 DSCF3765 DSCF3773 DSCF3777 DSCF3780 DSCF3781 DSCF3784

Then it was time for a bit of a leisurely stroll through soho and St James Park and a cute little house in the middle of the park!

DSCF3794 DSCF3796 That evening we had ourselves a little mexican feast in Brixton…

DSCF3800 DSCF3804 DSCF3806 DSCF3808 DSCF3811

The following morning once we’d packed up the house, had some breakfast and said farewell to our lovely friends we headed to Brixton Village.

DSCF3826 DSCF3818 DSCF3823 DSCF3817 DSCF3820 DSCF3816


I’d never been before and absolutely loved it. So much colour and vibrancy and things I wanted to buy!

DSCF3837 DSCF3840 DSCF3846 DSCF3848 DSCF3849

We had a beer and some goyza in Pop Brixton and then went off exploring…

DSCF3851 DSCF3850 DSCF3852 DSCF3854

We ended our Brixton adventure back in the village for an amazing late lunch in French & Grace.¬†F&G are an integral¬†part of the Brixton Village food community. Their teeny tiny little restaurant ‚Äď a unique, homely and intimate nook in the beating heart of the Brixton Village neighbourhood serving up a mash up of¬†British and Middle Eastern cuisine in the most scrumptious wraps imaginable!

Serious yum! I’ll definitely be returning again soon!


Birthday BBQ for my Bestie


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Last month it was one of my beautiful besties birthday. We took advantage of the beautiful British sunshine and enjoyed a BBQ in her recently done up garden!

Anna is my most colourful friend and her garden is no exception… Little pops of colour everywhere, miss matched patterns and prints, oh and kitties, some pretty special kitties.

I snapped some pics of food, friends and garden I thought I’d share with you. (ps the food was v.good… apologies friends, there’s a lot of mid eating pics!)

DSCF4217 DSCF4218 DSCF4219 DSCF4221 DSCF4224 DSCF4225 DSCF4226 DSCF4227 DSCF4228 DSCF4230 DSCF4231 DSCF4234 DSCF4235 DSCF4242 DSCF4247 DSCF4246 DSCF4253 DSCF4255 DSCF4257