Well well well, what a week it’s been… I feel I should probably give a bit of background information before I launch right into a full-blown post, on the 11th of this month I debuted my first ever solo illustration exhibition at a local venue. It’s been hard work, really hard. But I am so proud of myself for having achieved what I did, hopefully it’s the start of new exciting times for Mia Mai.

The show has been on for almost 2 weeks now and they have flown by. I have been busy visiting lots of different schools delivering craft workshops, all this around my normal 3 days a week work. It has been knackering but I have managed to squeeze in a little Ami time… An evening with a certain bearded gentleman on his boat and an evening dedicated to finally pulling my finger out and launching my little blog.

I was in a school all day today, I am working with 150 infant school kids and we’re designing (this week) and painting (next week) a huge (4x3m) mural inspired by the olympics. It was really fun, even with a crucial bit of kit deciding to blow up, everyone got their turn and it’s looking fab! I’m kind of dreading, and really looking forward to introducing paint next week! ha! It’s gonna be messy that’s for sure!

So it’s friday night and I have nothing planned, and I’m in love with that fact! I’m gonna cook some nice food and chill, I’m spending all day tomorrow at the exhibition (fingers crossed I get a few more sales) and an early(ish) night in well in need.

I have just spent a couple of hours researching other blogs and wondering what kinda posts I wanna include on mine… here’s a few ideas….

*top songs

*week of instagram

*my creative friends

*choose a muse

*new purchases

*art I like

*what I wore


*show and tell

*my view from here


that’s where I’ve got to at the moment, I’m guessing as this little thing grows certain things will prove to be more popular and other will just kinda be forgotten, but I’m excited to see where it takes me and what I share.

I have a few ideas of initial so I’m gonna chuck some food in the oven and launch this bad boy….