My first ‘Show & Tell’ post… how exciting…

In these kind of posts I want to be able to share certain details of my surroundings with you. Be it in my home, somewhere I’m staying, a place I’ve visited or and event I’ve gone to…

We’ll start with the home, because lets face it, that’s where your journey begins. Basically I adore my little home, In the last few years the importance and want to buy things for my home has increased, rivaling that of wanting to extend my wardrobe. I collect things, and some would say my home in as eclectic mix of things I love…

My Kitchen

So, whilst waiting for my dinner to cook last night I stood in my odd little kitchen and thought why not start here (my room was also a complete mess) so here goes…. a few snapshots from my kitchen… enjoy.

1. Mini salt & pepper people sitting on a beautiful pot stand brought in a market in Turkey & lots of spices sitting on a vintage art deco blue glass vanity set plate.

2. My best china (I love that I have best china) Rescued these beauties from a charity shop as a friend was chucking them out. I LOVE them!

3. Cut glass… a bit of a collection going on isn’t there!?

4. Marmite… an essential addition to any kitchen if you ask me… this ones a bit special.

5. Mixed china of the floral variety and a bit of Dolly. Yes I’m a fan!

6. Glass jars… some of these actually belong to my roomie who is moving out soon… I will have to go and buy some more me thinks!

7. An old boot vase (which we once caught a mouse in fyi) and my (slightly out of focus) vintage sugar dispenser!! I don’t drink tea or coffee (another ami fact for you) but I couldn’t resist this from the charity shop! think I paid about £1 for it! 🙂

8. Some hand me down crockery books and some awesome 70’s crockery! I picked up this whole set including teapot, milk jug, cups and saucers from a charity shop for £1.99….. yes I know! £1.99 for the whole lot! SCORE!!

9. A mug I painted 🙂

10. Very wise advice and a present from one of my bestest in Auz! 🙂

11. Standard fridge magnet thing going on.

12. A bit of wall candy… vintage metal posters and postcards from loved ones from around the world.

13. Some posters I brought in Paris last year… (excuse the flash) I really need to frame these beauties

14. A cluttered window ledge


15. impromptu letter holders, a leftover ‘eat me’ sign from a mad hatters tea party, slatted doors that need a clean and a vintage mirror.

16. shelves of goodness

So there we you… my first show & tell, hope you all enjoyed! xo