My Exhibition

So, I spent yesterday hanging out with my exhibition before it comes down on Monday. It was kinda weird to be surrounded by something, that was nearly over, that took over my life for so long. I was so proud with what I achieved, and chuffed that I sold a few pieces as well! yay! I am now looking to tour the show to other art galleries and what not… Hopefully this is just the beginning of my journey into the grown up world of illustration.

So I thought I’d do another little show & tell post and share with ya’ll! Enjoy… More pics and details can be found here.

1. A vintage rack full of hand drawn illustrations

2. A collection of vintage name pictures I create for people

3. A vintage case full of beautiful prints

4. My comments book which brings the biggest smile to my face!

5. A wall of pretty girls

6. Finishing touches, a vintage fringed lamp, dollies, old tins & a slightly old wall

7. Red room of…. art

8. Wall of art

9. More art. kinda what it’s all about.

10. Lots of pretty glass. Glass for business cards, glass for pens, glass for sweeties

11. 12…. more Mia Mai

12. Hey Doll. Twit Twoo!

So there you go… what has been taking over my life for the last few months. Hope you like!? Let me know!