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Going 90’s punk with cuffed / winged earrings…

I’ve been seeing these around for ages, and I gotta admit, I really like them… probably because I wore them the first time!! So rather then being freaked out that I am now old enough to officially able to say ‘i remember these the first time they were popular (along with crop tops/wide leg trousers etc) I thought i’d indulge, buy a few and share with you lovlies!

These little beauties (the ones i brought) are only £2.99 from New Look and you can get them here. Also from New look is this interesting piece, a bit different, but I really like… (only £3.99)

And this is the other one I brought for only £2.99… I’m gonna see if I like them before purchasing some more expensive ones….

but….here are some other stunning pieces I’m angling after….


This beautiful piece by Zara Martin from ASOS £28.99


Not my colours, but this is a pretty special piece, again from ASOS ONLY £10


This ASOS piece is taking it to another level, but I like!!!! 🙂 Only £7 in the sale too!


I think this is a good simple piece if you’re not so sure… In the ASOS sale again at £4

Topshop also has quite a collection which you can see here… including nose ones & whole ear cuffs starting at just £3.75 in the sale up to around £10

Etsy also have a load including these beauties….. by Ises Jewellery for $20.00 USD (about £13.10)

but I think my next purchase may have to be some feather ones…. I think I’m in love….

And Anni Jurgenson has some absolute beauties…. like these


And finally REGALROSE have some amazing ones…..


I personally want the skull one and the mini cuffs at the top…. *sighs and wishes for more money*