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So, this year appears to be another year of alot of weddings…. Does this mean I’m getting old!?!? ekk

Anyway…. I didnt come here to fret of getting older, oh no…. love is well & truly in the air at the moment and I this year I have been invited to 5 weddings so far! 5!! that’s pretty impressive I think!

So whilst all these people talk about wedding things, and me being a creative visual sort, I’ve been seeing things posted and thinking ‘aww… that would suit those two’, or ‘wow, that dress is going to look stunning on my best friend’ etc etc..

Anyway, the other day a friend posted something and WOW… what can I say… it’s pretty amazing! 🙂

I have got a little collection of wedding type things saved on a pinterest board in case one day some man decides I might make a good bride, but I dont wanna give all my good ideas away…. so for now, I will leave you with the lovely Story of Jess & Russ

I might be stealing this idea one day…..

And while we are on the subject of all things beautiful and weddingy I would like to share with you, the most perfect (in my opinion) wedding video ever… It was created by the very talented Geoff Boothby, you can see his work here and features the creator of my fave blog, Bleubird Vintage.

Watch and fall in love…….