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Hey hey….

So, I treated myself the other day to a slowcooker for the bargain price of £7… I’ve never really cooked in one before but the idea of  chucking a load of stuff in a pot in the morning to return to a warm dinner ready & waiting and a lovely smelling kitchen has always appealed…

I wasnt confident on times of things seen as I didn’t have a manual so thought I’d play it safe and try my first slowcooked dinner whilst i was home to regularly check up it!

I decided to make a Thai fish broth with noodles… Into the slowcooked I chucked, Milk, creamed coconut, green Thai sauce, red onion, garlic, leeks, baby corn, raw white fish, stock cubes, coriander, a bit of seasoning and a good glug of water, and I think that was it….. left it alone for a few hours… right at the last-minute wok fried some noodles in a little sesame oil and black pepper, tipped into a bowl, then topped with yummy veg and a few ladles of broth…. it was YUM!