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Sorry it’s been a bit quiet over here… I’ve had a busy few days… To fill you in…

Wednesday was a particularly fun day. The boy finished his first year at boat building school and passed his exams, so celebrations were in order…. armed with the roasted chickpea recipe and my new slowcooker we hob nobbed it over to the Medditerian supermarket (a little treasure trove round the corner) and stocked up on goodies…

This place is amazing, rows and rows of weird and wonderful ingredients that excite me and encourage me to get all creative in the kitchen… I love it! With a basket full of goodies we headed back to the flat, the plan was to dinner then go catch a film, but with the torrential weather we decided to stay in the warmth of the flat and a mention of a den was all it took for my lounge to be transformed into a huge den (Leave a boy in a room with a pile of blankets, pillows, fairy lights and safety pins for 40 minutes and you will return to something pretty special)

So a Moroccan feast was prepared and we ate in the den, then curled up and watched old cartoons and films… a pretty good way to celebrate if you ask me!

By the way… roasted chickpeas were amazing! I had them in a wilted spinach and courgette salad with goats cheese! perfection!

Feast: Moroccan Vegetable stew, cous cous, lentils with lemon and herbs, pitta, homous with tahini and a warm salad featuring the a-maz-ing roasted chickpeas!

Clever man in a rather impressive den! 🙂