I went round to my friends parents house the other day for the first time, I used to work with Hana and we got on like a house on fire, she left a few months ago and recently went off exploring Vietnam (she brought me back the stunning miniature tea set i bragged about in this post.)

We hadn’t managed for find a date we could both do for a couple of weeks so I was really looking forward to a lovely evening finally catching up. Due to lack of funds Hana offered to cook dinner, and was I in for a treat. Not only was the dinner scrumpsious (Lamb, chorizo, butter bean stew with salad (fresh from the garden) and minted new potatoes) but her home was beautiful.

It kind of had the well lived in accumulation of things that you get when owning a house for a few years and really settling in. Every wall was full of things i admired and wanted, bookshelves crammed with well used cookbooks, Jars upon jars of spices and treats, dried flowers in cool old bottles and 2 gorgeous little kitties aswell!

I asked permission of course to share….