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I loathe bikini and swimwear shopping… as a, shall we say, well endowed young lady in the chest department, I cannot find cute, fashionable swimwear that fits. I either end up looking like a porn star or a granny, neither a good look…. unless of course you are a granny or a porn star, then I’m sure you look fabulous in your bathers….

This morning though, I stumbled across For Luna, a british company that specialise in faux vintage and retro swimwear…. They’re not cheap, and I’d have to save… but here are a few of my faves….



So they’re you go…. fabulous huh?! I would have like to see them on some different sized models (as lets be honest, everything looks good on a size 8 blonde bombshell) and at an average of £59.95…. I won’t be getting one in every colour, but for someone who prefers to flash the flesh to a lucky someone only, this may be exactly what I’m after…. Hmmmmmm best get saving!