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So basically I found this pic a lil’ while ago online on a blog

…and I was like… “oohhh pretty'” so I thought I’d have a go…

A bit of internet research later and I was set to go, now I should warn you, I’m not a nail art kind person but this was kinda fun and I was pretty chuffed with the results for a first time attempt! It’s also really easy so I recommend you try!

Prep – Cut, shape, file and base coat your talons into submission…

So stage 1… I picked my colours to suit new party frock (was off to a friends Hen Party! ) and gathered tools (nail polish x 2, make up sponge (stolen from my face paint box) nail file, remover, pads, (i didnt have any cotton wool buds… more on this later) and top/base coat)

The colours I chose!

Stage 2 – splodge the 2 colours onto the sponge and dab dab dab away over the nail until its all covered and looking sweet!! you can be quite carefree here and not too accurate I found

Stage 3 – repeat on all nails (and make a right big mess) haha

Stage 4 – patiently wait for nails to dry…. yawn

Stage 5 – Clean up the mess! Much easier with a cotton bud I’m sure, but I didnt have any so made do with a pad wrapped round a emery board

Final Stage – Top Coat.

All done…. You like??

I found it really easy and will definitely try again…