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Another weekend, and more sun, way to go england!

Its quite a rare thing that us brits get to bask in the sun all weekend, but the weekend before last I left my over worked sewing machine to rest for a day and a half and spent some time with the boy as he was gonna be away working for a couple of weeks. We went out in the evening for drinks and some food before collapsing into bed on his boat with an alarm set for the next morning. Sunday morning saw us heading to my first boat jumble, imagine a carboot sale but all boat things! The boy was in heaven, I wasnt too sure what 98% of the stuff was but the sun was shining and i was holding hands with a lovely man, so I was happy!

Once we’d finished buying things for Hespy, we grabbed our books, some bread & cheese and a blanket and headed for some shade. Me and my lilly white complexion had gone a bit pink in the mornings wanderings…

We eventually found a quiet spot on the waters edge and chilled out cuddling, reading and generally relaxing. It was pure bliss, something i have not had enough of recently with all this work!

So, here you go…. a few piccies from our day out together.


Maxwell getting a better view with a little help from Kermit

Having a play on my old Olympus OM10

Kermit chilling out by the sea

Me looking geeky but happy

Going for a paddle