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So… I don’t tend to do things normally…. why would I want to… but with all the wedding recently, I’ve been a bit broke so I decided to do what I do best and get creative with my presents….

I saw these 2 images (found on Tumblr so I am so sorry I don’t have the original sources)

I adored the vintage fabric and the idea of the names, so I kinda combined the two and then added the date for a wedding memento…. So simple, so much fun… Here’s how I did it….

So I choose some vintage fabric and popped it into the embroider hoop. Cut out a hear from paper and pinned it to the fabric. Then choose some coloured thread and started to stitch…

I used a decorative stitch for the heart and when finished I removed the paper and did the arrow then started the words… I just made it up as I went long, but if you were unsure, I’m sure you could mark them out with pencil/tailors chalk first.

All done!! and for final flare, I instagrammed it!