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Holla… back again with some more art for you all…

This time by a local lady called Leila Bobayla… She’s part of the Southsea creative scene and I am actually the proud owner of the piece below, I grabbed it during a Free Art Event arranged in my seaside town… basically… you put lots of art out and people come and take it… for free. Great idea, lotsa fun. You can read a bit about it here.

Now I love a good bear, and am a huge fan of a moustache so clearly I was gonna fall in love with this handsome fellow….. isnt he amazing?!!? And I believe you can buy an A3 print for just £10!!!!!!! details of who to speak to can be found in the comments section of the above link!

Enjoy him… I do!!!!

Sorry it’s not a great image… I am waiting for a better one hopefully, but once I thought of sharing him, nothing else really lived up to it… here’s also a pic of me (looking stupidly excited) after I’d just grabbed it…

haha…. and also it hanging in pride of place in my mini gallery at home….

He’s perfect isnt he? A true gentleman Bear!