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Back again with some more ART for you…. Something a bit different this week though and a little more risque….

But isnt she beautiful….

The illustration is by renowned pin-up artist Alberto Vargas whom I adore….

You can see lots of examples of his work here.

And this guy was good! Born in Peru in 1896, he was truly ahead of the times, falling in love with the American culture and women in the twenties he brashly decided to remain in New York as a freelance artist, passing up a life in his own country, comfort and inherited success, to follow his dream of becoming an artist. After struggling to find consistent work, Alberto was offered a position with Florenz Ziegfeld’s famous Ziegfeld’sFollies, painting the portraits of noted showgirls. His career changed in the 1940’s when Alberto’s first Esquire painting was published with huge success. This was the beginning of Vargas’ career and the start of the now famous Vargas Girls……

This man painted many a beautiful woman in his day, and they are just as wonderful today!