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So…. it was the boy’s birthday in November, the first one we celebrated together…

Our second date was one my birthday so I wanted to do something special for him. I decided to take him on holiday. It was supposed to be a surprise, so I’d brought him a few holiday clothing items but as clothes, for boys are a bit boring, I wanted to make some for him aswell, something I know he would cherish and love…

For our first non-date we went for a walk and I took my 2 old SLR’s, along our beach walk and we chatted nervously and got to know each other, I gave this curly-haired man a photography lesson and taught him how to use these beautiful old camera’s.

Over the next 5 non-dates, to our first official date, the camera’s always seemed to be there, kind of following the journey, along with ticket stubs and flyers of places we’d been. The plan was obvious, I would make my beautiful boy a book, a scrapbook of us if you like…. the journey so far…

I really enjoyed making the book, I printed off all the pictures, hunted for things I could include and dug out my typewriter….

I had also discovered that I loved this man and wanted to tell him. I  decided that if he hadn’t said it before, I would tell him on his birthday, and i thought i could document this stage of our story in the book…. so on the last page I’d done things to I said, how for his birthday, she’d taken him to cyprus for a week of sun-kissed fun, but how she had saved the best present for last….. but because she was shy, she had to write it instead…. he then had to open up a little envelope where I’d written ‘i love you’ on.

CUTE i know! haha… emotion kinda took over and I got all teary, I’ve got the most perfect picture of the moment just after i love you’s were said, but i think I’ll keep that one just for us two, and for the book of course!

He adored the present and of course the story and the i love you’s… I would definitely recommend more people doing this, we now have a lovely scrap-book of us that we can add to over the years… I don’t think this is a common thing, or at least people don’t write about it or document it on the web, so here goes… a few sneaky peeks inside and a couple of the birthday boy as he got to that last page….

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