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I have not posted in like forever…

But I have been on holiday…

And my best friend had her baby…

And it was the boys birthday…

so I’ve been a bit busy, but I have been neglecting Lotales… Bad Ami!

I’ll share some bits & Pieces to make up for it…


IMG_2200 IMG_2252 IMG_2341 IMG_2372 IMG_2435 IMG_2454 IMG_2486 IMG_2520 IMG_2594

1. Pie with one of my bestest. A Lowman/Hayden tradition!

2. Our first fireworks night together

3. Second birthday for my god daughter Juno. I adore her!

4. Pappa Lo & my boy… the holiday was also the first ‘meet the dad’ experience.

5. My beautiful boy on his birthday

6. Sandy Toes

7. A real live pelican

8. A stranded boat

9. He makes me happy

10. The most perfect little girl ever. Miss Edie Jean.