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Recently my best friend had her first baby, a beautiful little girl called Edie Jean, and it was also my goddaughter, Juno’s second birthday, and the purse strings are a bit tight in the run up to Chrismas and with a lovers birthday and a holiday booked in, I thought I’d get making….

I decided to make for Katie’s baby shower a couple of teeny woodland toys, an owl and a fox, although most people thought it was an owl and a pussycat, which I kinda like!

I used a couple of pics I’d found on Pinterest for inspiration, then just kinda made the patterns up as I went along. I was really happy with how they turn out and hopefully they will be something little Miss Edie will keep forever!

The second pressie was for the beautiful Juno… i liked the idea of a hugging owl cushion, so again, i got a few ideas from the web and created my owl…. I adored how it can out and the birthday girl loved it too!

I have really enjoyed making these pressies and the kids/adults/everyone seems to love them too, I am making more things for Xmas, so will post more pics soon!


Little Miss Juno with the Owl ❤