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So…. I know I mentioned this before, but I never got round to actually finishing my post on it, but here I sit, on a chilly December day, 4 months after SFW and i thought… I’d actually get this post up.

SFW was a first, I helped organise the event and it was hard work! haha, but such fun! Here’s the official website

As well as being on the management team I was also a designer… I know I posted some sneaky peeks in the run up, but incase you missed them, I designed a lingerie collection inspired by and incorporating vintage fabrics and and lots of lace and saucy sheer fabrics.

I have somehow managed to loose all my photos from the event?! Don’t ask me how, but I will share a few with you from other talented photographers. Firstly a few backstage shots taken by the incredibly talented Tori Clarkson

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My collection was inspired by the backstage of a burlesque show, dressing room glamour if you will… I wanted the garments to have an old look to them so incorporated a lot of vintage fabrics and upcycled old garments. I also hand customised some existing lingerie to give it a Mia Mai look. Here are a few shots from the catwalk, images by Tori again and also the equally talented Keith Woodland

539393_277735475674778_948793817_n 291901_10152045363220487_1265622973_n 304873_10152045364365487_1780142999_n 543685_10152045365390487_1753223515_n 564615_10152045365190487_11617711_n 603407_10152045364665487_1156181339_n 199072_10152045364265487_922509917_n 207131_10152045362440487_1734383760_n 296093_10152045363455487_93406625_n 378682_277735742341418_1809891917_n 538634_10152045362350487_1268992002_n 547351_277735765674749_2058974588_n 556586_10152045364135487_952823281_n 556636_277735545674771_1044592917_n 560896_10152045362790487_2078049194_n  376592_10152045363345487_436335602_n

I am waiting to get a few more pics, and am also in the process of organising a proper photoshoot of the collection…. mor on that later, but I’m sure the images above give you a great idea of what the collection was like! Do you like?

And to geive you a real feel for the event…. A film made by The Cornershop

Southsea Fashion Week from The Cornershop on Vimeo.

Amazingly the collection got really good reviews and SFW received a lot of coverage on the net… here are a few links to some other blogs who covered/wrote about the event!







Lastly, I just wanna say thank you to all the beautiful models, the hair stylists and MUA’s, the photographers and basically everyone that helped with SFW… it was something I won’t forget!