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As I’ve been a wee bit poor recently, I thought I would make some presents this year instead, and I have REALLY enjoyed it! I have made some silver earrings for my Ma, a patchwork quilt & some cufflinks for my man, some bunny bags for my two god daughters and a monster toy called Harry Munster.

I thought I would share with you how I made Mr Harry Munster….



I decided to make my god-daughter’s little brother a plush toy… something a little bit different for me.. I choose to work with felt as it’s strong and doesn’t fray! perfect for toys for little ones. The first thing I did was create a little face using different colours and buttons. I wanted to keep it bright, fun and a little bit quirky!!IMG_2614I then decided on the shape I wanted the toy to be. It’s always best to not to too many little details or fiddly sharp edges….



If you then cut out the shape, you’ve got yourself a paper stencil for the toy, you want to pin it to the a folded piece of felt.IMG_2616

Once it’s pinned to the felt, you can use a pencil or a chalk to outline it, you wanna leave o.5cm gap all the way round for a seam allowance. IMG_2617


Once you’ve got it all cut out you wann figure out if there is a right and wrong side of the material.IMG_2618

You then want to sew the ‘face’ onto one fo the right sides of the body. Pin it in place first to make sure it doesn’t move around. If you want you can stuff the face to make it a little more 3D, I just left mine flat though. IMG_2619


The next thing you wanna do it place the right sides of the fabric together, pin them together and then start a straight stitch all the way round the edge. Make sure you leave a small gap (around 5cm) Also as a handy tip, use the guide lines to make sure you stay the right distance from the edge or use the lines to the right of the needle… these will help you stay on track!IMG_2620

Once it’s all stitched up, you can turn the toy inside out or the right way round! It’s a little fiddly popping out the arms and any other small bits, but take your time, wiggle the seams and use your finger or a pencil etc to help poke them out! One all sorted you can start stuffing the toy using wadding or something similar! make sure you start with the arms/legs then do the body!IMG_2621As a finishing touch I sewed on a belly button/button and also stitched ‘Harry Munster’ on the back! These little toys are such fun to make and really easy! Have a go and I would love to see anything you come up with!