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Well Happy New Year everyone…

2012 was a good year for moi, and I hope for you too…

It was in this year I met a wonderful man and I fell in love. So because of that alone, this year was always gonna be a good year. But to add to that I have also celebrated with 6 wonderful couples as they have become man and wife. My best friend from school also gave birth to her first child, Miss Edie Jean, something I will never forget. 2012 was also the year that I began this blog, and hosted my first ever solo Art show.

Among these big memories lie hundreds of smallers ones, dancing the night away with some amazing friends, making love in an old Citeron H Van under a tree, building a roomsize den, visiting my Pappa in Cyprus, first dates, hen do’s and wedding prep with one of my bestest, geting into craft in a much bigger way and so many many more things….

So as we enter 2013 I wonder what this year will hold in store for me and my loved ones?! It’s also the time of year that you start thinking about resolutions and what I want to get out of the next year of my life…. So here goes….

Health & Happiness… To concentrate on being healthier and making more time to do things that make me happy. I seemed to be ‘busy’ for the whole of 2012… this year I want to make sure I make time to slow down, smell the flowers, relax and spend quality time with those I love. I also want to get back into going to the gym and eating better (especially after an indulgent  festive break)

Ambition… I am making a promise to my self to put some serious effort into Mia Mai and progressing it, by what way I am not entirely sure yet, but in 12 months time I want to have put Mia Mai more ‘on the map’

Documentation… I have dabbled with this before, keeping journals and a photo-a-day diary etc…. I am also wanting to put more effort into my blog and making it a real record of my life, I will begin with a photo a day again and share them on here on a monthly basis…

Love… I am excited to see how my new relationship grows over the next year, we still have so many ‘firsts’ to experience together and I will make a resolution with this wonderful man to keep having fun with each other! he really is a good egg!

And that’s it I think… I want to enjoy 2013 and all it has to offer. What about you? Any resolutions you’d like to share?