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My camera broke…… My beloved accidentally  launched it across the bedroom. ouch.

I feel a little lost right about now. sad face.

They don’t even make my camera anymore and it is so well used/loved I can’t quite make out what make it is…. i think this is the most similar one to mine I can find.. But mine was prettier, all black and not so boxy/with a built in flash…


It’s just a great little ‘keep in your bag at all times kinda camera you know… I literally used it everyday but am totally strapped for cash at the mo so wont be able to afford one for a while yet! 😦 The boy, bless him, has offered to get me a new one, but financially we’re in the same boat…

Anyone else got any other suggestions on a good little compact camera? I like being able to film on them, I like a good good zoom, and also on the canon (well my one at least) it has a built in menu of shooting styles (like fish eye and minimise etc)  Basically, just something that takes a good picture!!

Any advise welcome!