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I got to take part in a wonderful project today. The very talented Jack Daly, Second year photography student at the University of Portsmouth is working on an ongoing project called People with Passions.

I heard about the project and expressed an interest. Very soon after I received a email from Jack asking about a shoot. I of course said yes! A tad nervous of getting my picture taken, but the chance to be involved with such a fun project overruled the unsureness i felt about sitting infront of the camera.

I tidied up my room/studio this morning then got out a few of my creations, Jack turned up, a charming young man we chatted about the project and other Southsea people he had already worked with and planned to. A cup of tea later and with a few adjustments to my room we were ready to go…jack took about 20 pictures if that and said he’d got it! Easy peasy!

and this is the final image…


What do you think? I’m always criticial of pictures of myself so would be great to get peoples opinions.

There is talk of an exhibition and a book and I’m excited to see how the project grows and evolves and wish Jack every success with this project! Please check out his website and if you wanna get involved let him know!