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So that’s it… 2013 is one twelfth  over and done with. Doesnt that sound a bit scary!? Make’s the year seem oh-so-short when you describe it like that!

January has been a wet and cold one, that’s for sure, I’ve needed gloves most days, am sleeping under multiple layers and having the boyfriend warming the bed at night is more of a necessity rather then just something I adore.

I love that we’ve had snow this year! even if it did only last a day where I live… part and parcel with living by the sea.

I also love that I just received a big old tax rebate (although I didn’t like being so poor last financial year to warrantee getting one)

I another thing i am beginning to love is that it’s being, only just, to get lighter in the evenings… it’s almost like a hint of spring to come…..

After 31 days of 2013, I think it’s a good time to look back on those resolutions I made… I’ve stuck with my photo-a-day diary even though I’m having to make do with crappy camera phone! I’ve made an effort to be more chilled and have more fun down time, which has been lovely. And ambition…. we’ll I could have possibly done a bit more for this one, it’s striking the right balance between not being over worked and making time to be creative… but I’ve done some drawings, had a profession shot taken in my studio and got some ideas in the pipeline so it’s not all bad. And finally love… well that’s just going peachy thank you!

So… time to say bye to January and welcome to february… I’m excited to see what you have to offer….