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Somehow, without even really trying I am at 100 posts and 52 wonderful strangers out-there are checking in to see what I’m up to and what I’ve got to say… I havent really started to tell people I know about this blog yet, as I Kinda wanted to establish it a bit more, but it kinda feels like I’ve reached a little hurdle now and the toe I dipped in on the 21 June last year is well and truly in. I guess you could say I’m paddling around the shallows now.
I thought it might be kinda fun on my 100th post to share with you all a little bit about moi, the girl behind Lotales…. So here goes a recent pic (i wish my hair was always this big) and a few unimportant facts!
Happy Hump day everyone and thank you for being a part of my little blogging adventure!

Stats:  Ami Louise Lowman, 28, Aires, red hair, blue eyes, born in Southampton, currently living in Southsea.

Bad habits? I’m 28, still suck my thumb and don’t think I ever will not suck my thumb. This fact slightly annoys Mamma Lo but I think she’s also come to the conclusion now that I’m not ever gonna stop. I am also very messy, I adore my room when it’s tidy, but it lasts about 2 days. I am also kinda clumsy, i can’t spell, cant make decisions, and get really annoying and fidgity when i’m tired. But i hope these make me endearing?

Glass half full/half empty? I can count on my hands the number of people who have seen me cry. I don’t tend to cry in front of people as i’m not very good at it and they dont know what to do with me. The last time I cried however was last week over a dispute with my artwork, I am hugely passionate about Mia Mai and it upsets me greatly when I feel I am being taken advantage of. Despite the recent tears I am a complete optimist, whether it’s seeing the best in people or very nearly always being happy, I am definitely of the half full kinda folk.

Fears? I don’t really like other peoples feet, especially hairy toes and toenails! urgh. My biggest fear is going blind. I honestly don’t know what I’d do. And losing my loved ones. I am incredibly lucky that I have never had to deal with death yet and I’m not sure how i’ll cope in the situation.

Adore? I love to cuddle, I like it when you’re really comfortable with someone and can just ‘fit’ around them, all intertwining limbs and all that, i’ve finally found a boy who fits too, and its wonderful. I adore making presents for people and get all excited when they open them. If you’re special to me i’ve probably made you a present!  I also love cooking, and shopping (if only I had more money) I love my friends, my boy, my family (they’re all amazing) Other loves? Old things, vintage fabrics & lace, art, tattoos (currently at 11), old cameras, old suitcases, old trunks, beat up old wooden furniture… notice a theme?

Family? I am a daddy’s girl and I miss him so much since he’s moved to cyprus,that if i think about it too much, it’ll make me cry. Pappa Lo cuddles can’t be replaced. But I try to get out and see him and vise versa as often as we can. I like how even though we’re not super close, it just kind of feels right when we’re together! Mamma Lo is someone I adore completely and admire so much. She works so hard and gives so much. It breaks me to see her sad and I want only for her happiness. I love how we’ve got closer as I’ve got older and I can’t thank her enough for all the love and support she has given me over the years. I have 2 brothers, 1 older, 1 younger and I love how totally opposite they are. I like being sandwiched between these 2 fine young men. They are good brothers these too! I also have 3 grandparents who I am enjoying finding out more about as I get older…. weirdly I think the grandparent I would have been closest too is sadly no longer here, He died before I was born but from the little I know about him, I think we would have had a special bond. I think I get my creativity from both my grandads and I like that!

Blogging? I have always been interested in the way people document their life, and what it will all be like in 20 years time to look back on what we’ve been up too…. I hope I’m doing ok so far……?

Traits? I am a very visual person. I see images and patterns and would-be beautiful pictures all the time. I presumed all people were like this but apparently it’s just a few of us. This is probably why I’m obsessed with taking photographs. I have been told I am insatiable and I’d like to believe this to be true. I think I am also passionate and a bit of a wise old owl.

Material Things? I’m obsessed with underwear and own way too much. I like to match everyday and don’t like it when I know i’m not even if I know no-one’s gonna see. Since moving into my own flat I have enjoyed finding things that are ‘me’ and that I will keep forever, It’s strange to become attached to a sofa?! I also own so many clothes yet weirdly sleep ala’ natural’. I’m a bit of a hoarder and am not a follower of the saying less is more.

Idealisms?  I long for ‘movie moments’ that make you smile. I wish my life had a soundtrack, and often wish someone would follow me around to capture moments that deserve a candid photo. I would also love to time travel, I’d be a 1940’s housewife, a 1920’s Showgirl, a 1950’s pin-up. I have an obbsession with past era’s and wish we could all dress up more!! I also wish I could play an instrument. Guitar or the bongo’s would be my ideal choice. I intend to learn one year!!

Future? One day I want a beautiful Nissan Figaro in black or pale gray, a seaside town house with a spiral staircase and a big garden/veg patch, a successful business, 2 girls, a thriving passionate marriage with a man who will kiss my neck and give me butterflies and most importantly, to be happy and content

Friends? I don’t know what i’d do without my friends. I know everyone feels this, but mine are amazing. I think i’m a very lucky girl. You know who you are and I thank you for being a part of my life and making me feel blessed. I can’t to grow old with you all and watch as your families grow!

Ambitions? I want Mia Mai to be a success. I want my mum to really be proud of what I’ve achieved as I know she’s the reason I push myself so hard. I want to have a small boutique, selling my art, creations and vintage items. I would love to be known like the artists I admire. I think to be able to make a career out of your passions is something amazing and want to take full advantage!

Love? I have been in love twice in my life. I am still best friends with my first love and think this is a beautiful thing. I am also head over heels for Maxwell, He’s everything I collectively wanted in a man and I adore him more than I can say…

Travel? I have been lucky that I have explored a bit already… but I want to really ‘see’ the world, I’d love to live in paris for a year, go to Morocco, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, go back to America and visit NYC with the Girls again. I’d love to road trip across Europe… And i’d kinda like to do it all with and old battered suitcase covered in stickers and a big circular vanity case! I have dreams of forgoing 2 weeks in the sun for a honeymoon for a year adventuring…. maybe one day…