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Well, a little bit overdue, but a valentines related post non the less…

I mentioned before that Maxwell had mentioned doing mixtapes for each other, and as well as that i wanted to make him a little something…

So, the mixtape was pretty easy, i decided to do all acoustic love song covers and it’s a good old mixtape and went down very well. I wanted to make a cute ‘sleeve’ for it though so I dug out the typewriter and sewing machine a whipped up a sweet envelope style cover for it.

I also wanted to make a little something for the boy to celebrate our first valentines. So inspired by this wonderful cushion by the very talented Nan Lawson, I thought i would put our faces on a cushion. why not!

I did a quick simple sketch first of us, then used the sewing machine on some vintage fabric pinned to dissolvable paper to ‘trace’ the sketch. really easy! I hemmed it with an old vintage trim and i think it’s very charming in a really kooky slightly bad made way!

He liked it, so that’s the main thing!!

Also, how perfect is the card I got for him from Spitfire Girl?!!? ( which by-the-way, if you havent checked out you totally should)

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