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I have been fantasising recently, of glorious bedrooms, and boy-oh-boy…. I’ve got a bit of bedroom envy going on!!!

As you know, my day dreaming “…One day….” results in my Pinterest account, specifically my ‘Home Is where the heart is’ Board (which fyi you can find all the original images and their sources)

Wanna see what I’ve been lusting after?!? Prepared to be jealous?? (ps, advance warning…. this post is a bit image heavy!)

void[0]-1 13932693069 kantha-quilt-smoke-on-the-water search-1 faves-94181585@N00 7721799656 ,une-maison-londonienne-faite-de-bric-et-de-broc,200260,461247 void[0] 13833514515 blog likes-3 17253919 4691480756 likes-2 search 22723950188 http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/home-bedding/25918665.jsp 6329276530 c07a9ee998f215850799a226884d21bd likes-1 Colorful BeddingAmazing right?! doesnt it make you just want to redesign you entire bedroom?!?!!?

What about you? any rooms you lust after? I’d love to hear your opinions!