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Sorry it’s been a bit quiet round here….

Things have gone a bit tits up. I was told about 2 weeks ago that they wanna sell ‘my’ flat. Cue tears and panic.

Since then I have been mega stressy as there’s nothing out there I like/everywhere is horrible/too small/ too much!

We did find a converted church, that I 100% fell in love with and wanted to move into…. but that fell through as someone put an offer in on it. I have another viewing on a 4 storey flat in Southsea Marina on Saturday, but I dont know, I think it’s gonna be too far away from Train station for those that don’t drive!

Is such a horrible feeling but Maxwell and Mamma Lo have both been amazing trying to keep me happy and calm.

I’m trying to stay nice and positive though, It’s a year since our first non-date on Saturday and also my birthday at the end of the month, so things to look forward to.

I also went on a charity shop trawl yesterday (because shopping eases sadness – let’s be honest) and returned with a happy little bundle of joy including:

*3x seventies pryex casserole dishes

*2x beautiful white and gold bowls

*owl salt and pepper shakers

*owl brass spoon rest

*seventies thermos flask

*vintage flour jar

*grey eighties stilettos

*Ugly/beautiful vintage floral skirt

*crows feet tongs

whoooo… (added visual stimulation below)


So anyway…. that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet, but fingers crossed it all works out ok….