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After doing a post a little while ago about lustful bedrooms… It got me thinking about other rooms in the house, and how as you get older (well this is true for me at least) I start thinking that every room in the house should be just as beautiful.

Why should the bathroom be any different, so again, using images from my Pinterest, ‘Home is where the heart is’ board I’d like to share some bathroom images with you that will make your heart flutter!

Please note that these aren’t my images and if you would like to see the original sources you can do so through my pinterest page (links above) Now….. just an image or 2… or 16….

inspiration tiles-by-fired-earth lunes-de-inspiracion-mondays 48d170536f759991e74be446c92db838 beautifulrosesinthegarden Floor tiles, chandelier, towel cabinet & old-fashioned bath. Perfect. 12378767569 imgres chinoiserie likes-1 aa774fc50e8e556898657bdee05ea35d casa-vintage I want this bathroom!!! sneak-peek-alexandra-grablewski-and-todd-bonne 4 1133166