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I have missed doing these posts!! It’s been so busy with the move and all, I’ve just not had the time… But I’ve got a good one for you to make up for the recent absence!!

If you don’t already know of this ladies work, oh my are you missing out!! She is incredibly talented and a true inspiration!! She does realistic sketches like you wouldn’t believe and has also made the transition from artist to tattooist which is something I totally admire and would adore to do!!

I have been aware of her for a whole as she is a friend if a few friends but have never actually met, but have been quietly following her artistic adventures and I suggest you do the same! For your artistic appreciation, Miss Cally Jo…


This is probably what she is really known for… These beautiful skull sketches are perfect aren’t they?!

Working with just good old pencil on any paper she can lay her hands on, she creates mini masterpieces which are nothing short of perfect!

I know I normally only share 1 pic on AOTW but I think you’re gonna wanna see more


This is a collection of her sketches and below a female study… Me being me, these are my faves! She really captures the essence of the person she is committing to paper!!


So… Where can you find this beautiful young lady in the Internet and see more if her work?!?

Firstly you must follow her on Instagram, her username being CALLY_JO_ART

You can follow her on twitter – callyjoart and Facebook – callyjofinearts

And finally if you wanna purchase something from this insanely talented young lady you are in luck, she has recently launched a big cartel web store selling some prints and things….


And finally (and this is something I really wanna do… She is now tattooing at Love Hate in London…. And if I was you I would get in their early… This girl is gonna be big!!

One more as a treat before I go…


(All images belong to Cally Jo and can be found on her Instagram page!!

So what do you think??