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I am a month behind on this…. shocking behaviour!!

I promise I have still been taking the pics, I just never seem to have the time to upload them…

Well I am pleased to say we are finally out of the old house and into the new!!!

and I am hoping as things settle even more, I can start regularly blogging again!

So, not wanting to make you wait any longer, week


April 1

01/04 – birthday over, let the packing commence…

April 2

02/04 – The almighty Dvd sort started tonight

April 3

03/04 – the worse kind of day, finalising bills and moving addresses via phone/on hold music

April 4

04/04 – Making wedding pressies for the weekend

April 5

05/04 – freelance arty work at the moment is fun!

April 6

06/04 – Beautiful day for a wedding

April 7

07/04 – House sitting in Winchester