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Although I moved house a month ago, it feels like the process has been going on forever, from being told they were selling the flat I’d made my home and the tears, through to the stresses of flat hunting and the repeated getting your hopes up, then being let down over and over again. Then with all the stress of viewings on ours, to the joy at finding our new home and excitedment of bigger and better things… its been a long old journey, and yes, stressful too!! Sorting final bills and rent and deposits and cleaning (so so so much cleaning) and thats all before the actual moving (with the help from my wonderful family, boy and friend/fella combo) and we had alot of stuff!!!! :/

But now, as i’ve just sorted the last bill/deposit i’m trying to look back through all the stress and tears and grrrrrr’ness to when i adored my quirky little flat.

I’m glad that just before the first viewing, when everything was clean tidy and in its place I took the time to nip round with my camera and take some snaps of the details that had come to be over the past 4 years…

So before I share with you our new abode (we still havent got round to putting up shelves/pictures) i thought it might be fun to step back in time to what was before…

I thought I’d divide the rooms up and i’d start with my room, a little haven of moi…..

IMG_3314 IMG_3315 IMG_3316 IMG_3317 IMG_3318 IMG_3319 IMG_3320

So there you have it, my little room…. wanna take a closer look??