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another week done…

We had lots of sun here recently (especially on the weekends and by the uk standard) which we have been indulging!

but this is last week… will post this week midweek…

so what did you all get up to? would love to know if other people are doing something similar? I have heard of the 52 project as started by Jodi over at Che & Fidel (which you should check out by the way, her 2 kids Che & Poet are the cutest!) but not sure if other bloggers are doing similar kind of photo-a-day diaries etc?!?!

please share if you are!!


May 2020/05 – My boy brings me breakfast in bed almost every morning, i’m a lucky gal!

May 2121/05 – I run a weekly fashion school at The Spring and these are 3 of my mini fashionisa’s in the dresses they made!! (proud mama)

May 2222/05 – this little lady gets cuter and cuter

May 2323/05 – I made pizza, my first ever! will share recipie later, was gooooooood

May 2424/05 – my boy comes with an instruction manual… does yours??

May 2525/05 – a sunny spot at the new coffee shop in Southsea for a spot of lunch (excellent sarnies)

May 2626/05 – after a bit of a street party i retired to the grass by canoe lake with my sketch book… bliss