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In our new place we have a dining room and I am loving hosting dinner parties….

We also got invited round to a friends new place where she has just moved in with her finance and their place is just so sweet! I adore it! I have told Anna that I will do a blog post on her house soon!! I missed out on the last place, but it’s even better this time round! keep your eyes peeled!!

Maybe it’s something to do with growing up a bit, but i am really enjoying doing this and much prefer it to my old weekend shenanigans!!

So I thought i’d share with you a couple of pics I snapped along the way (in true blogger stylie)



These were from our first ever dinner party, my very dear friends Becca and Marc are over from Australia at the mo and its been lovely doing things together again (I miss this girl) and also my other amazing friend Chloe and Steve and their beautiful daughter joined us for 2 huge vegetable lasagnes and a lot of wine!!



Then we visited Anna & Rudys new place where Anna cooked an amazing meal of crunchy aubergines, stuffed tomatoes, salads, dahl, bread etc etc… It was divine!!! (I’m gonna have to get me thinking cap on now for something amazing for them)







These last ones are from last week when my friend Kate visited for a catch up and to see the new place… I cooked cous cous with fruit, nuts & basil, baked fish with sundried pesto, cherry toms, garlic and more basil and served it with a mixed green salad and roasted vegetables… I rarely have fish as Maxwell won’t eat it so this was a real treat!!

I can’t wait for my next dinner party now!!