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I mentioned the other day that I made my first ever from scratch pizza, and It was amazing!

I was a bit worried that i didn’t have yeast, turns out i didn’t need it, I found this simple recipe on an american site which i have adapted was amazing….

all you need is:

200gms of self raising flour

50gms of grated hard italian cheese

50ml vegetable oil

175ml boiling water

(that’s it)

pop the flour and cheese in a bowl, mix and make a hole in the middle, chuck in the oil and water.

stir with a fork till all combined

either clingfilm it or if you dont have any clingfilm like me, pop it in a ziplock food bag and put somewhere warm for a little while

prep the toppings (we choose chargrilled aubergines, red onions, spinach, cherry toms, sundriend tomato pesto and cheese (i also had a little choritzo on mine))

then lightly flour a baking tray, flop the dough out and smoosh it out with your fingers till it fills the tray (i was going for a rustic look)

pop it in a preheated oven 200oc for 5 mins, then take out, put the toppings on and back in the oven for about 15/20mins or until cooked.

delish…. I will totally do this again…. and if you didnt have cheese, just leave it out and add a bit more flour! although it gave the dough an amazing taste….this was seriously one of the best pizzas i’ve ever had!

couple of pics…