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So I had a little jolly up to London the other day… My dear friend Chloe of the magpie effect managed to score some tickets to see Rhianna at Twickenham courtesy of her lovely daddy, but before we headed to the stadium, we indulged in a spot of retail therapy.

We decided to concentrate our efforts on Spitalfields Market… Have you ever been before? if not, you should…. There’s some good stalls there (of course, like with all markets, not everything was too my taste, of all that tasteful if im being honest but generally there was some really lovely stalls…)

I thought I would share with you a few pics (of course I would) and also a some of my favourite traders….20130627-193951.jpg

Top Pick No.#

The first stall that caught my eye was EDWARD’S Traditional shaving Emporium. This guy was  selling the most exquisite gentleman’s grooming products.

Their tag line says it all – Edwards, pioneering in the traditional shaving renaissance. Merchants of traditional shaving paraphernalia, stocklists of prestigious British and International brands.

I of course immediately thought of my handsome fella and his glorious beard. As well as beautifully boxed shaving kits, he was also selling creams, brushes and combs. And it was the combs that caught my eye…

This dandy gent was selling English Oxhorn Combs encased in a oxblood leather case. They were also branded…. they were seriously beautiful things!


I have shared this image from the Thomas Beyers’ website  where you can buy this gorgeous comb and many other things. The comb and case costs just £25 and you can buy it here.


Another thing that caught my eye was this Osma French Shaving Kit which can be yours for just £60. If you have a gentleman that you admire, I would really suggest a gift from here. I know I will be getting a comb for my boy some time soon!

Spitalfields reminded me of Borough Market, stalls piled high with produce, cakes, cookies, jewels and art aplenty….


Top Pick No.2#

Michael is known as the “Hat Man” of Old Spitalfields Markets and he gets a bonus point from me because I have been searching for the perfect bowler hat to sit on the crown of my head for months, wait, scrap that, years! Literally years! He has no website for me to share, which is an awful shame, but I highly recommend this man and his glorious hats!



Top Pick No.3#

This stall was something that really made me chuckle… Sardonic greetings cards and gifts from Mardy Mabel.

Now this girl has found a hole in the market and filled it with perfect putdown presents! You can see all of her charming one liners here and I share from her page, a few of my faves…




You can buy these wonderful cards from her website store or her etsy shop. Go on…. you know you want to!!


Top Pick No.4#

Was Nicole Elizabeth Thompson of Paper Heart who creates the most charming hand drawn and screen printed designs which I really adored.

Simple clean lines, fun colours and just generally a really nice stall! And she’s totally affordable too! cards were just £3!!! Here’s a few of my favourites…




You can get your eager little mitts on Nicole’s creations through her etsy shop and find out more about the lady behind the art and see more of her work by visiting her website. You wont be disappointed!

Top Pick No.5#

Coming in at number 5 was Pedro of Alfamarama. The thing I loved about this stall the most was these awesome little notebooks… Perfect pocket-sized for rambling thoughts with witty printed front pages…



You can purchase these brilliant little notebooks and other Alfamarama items through their etsy shop… where you will also find mugs, prints, cards and other original gifts!!

So there you have it…. you’re tempted to go now aren’t you!? 🙂 I would recommend checking out the spitalfields market website too as they can tell you an abundance more about all the other traders I havent mentioned! I know I will be going back soon!