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So…. apparently it’s summer (although I’m not sure where the sun has got to today… or yesterday for that matter)

Anyway…. summer generally means one thing… holidays, and I am over the moon to say that me and Maxwell have finally booked to go away! A week in sunny Palma awaits us in just under 3 weeks….

I cannot wait, my body needs a break and is trying to tell me all the frigging time (have been ill recently! ūüė¶ still getting over it)

anyway… holidays also mean one thing…. bikinis…. now sorry male readers… this won’t probably wont apply to you but you might wanna stick around for some pretty girls) Now ladies…. bikini shopping… it cant just be me who hates it right!?!?

Now being loved up for the last year has been fantastic but romantic dinners and being happy has done nothing for my waistline…

Bikini shopping is bad at the best of time let alone when you are a big boobed, pale skinned lady with a slightly (very) untoned tummy…. I have therefor come to the conclusion I will saying bye to bikini’s this year in favour of a somewhat more flattering one piece.

But I still have the issue that unless I wanna spend ¬£50 minimum a suit from some ‘bog booby’ shop… high streets generally don’t cater for us DD-G girlies…

I have ventured onto ASOS¬†¬†to check our their range. I have found the following suits that I love!! Not all of them were available in my size but I thought I would share with you anyway! The styles I’m showing are a mix of the¬†current swimwear sale¬†and the¬†full price range…¬†and they have such much variety that if you are considering a new cossie, I recommend checking them out! What I really like about ASOS is that i can try them on at home, and if i dont like anything I can just send it back for free!!! such a winner!!

So I have purchased 3 (awaiting delivery) as I don’t have much luck, but fingers crossed… but I thought I would share with you my fave styles I found whilst browsing….

Fingers crossed at least one of them fits and flatters!!!

How about you? Any suggestions of where to head? and stories to share??

Footnote. All styles bar one were available when this post was made. Prices may change. Please visit ASOS.com if you would like to buy any of the swim wear shown!