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I don’t normally do this kind of post, but this struck a cord with me, Elizabeth Antonia, aka ‘the littlest’ is a blog I have been following for a little while and over the last couple of days her world has been turned upside down.

Her 16 year old niece Indica Huddleson has gone missing. You can read the full story on the littlest’s blog here.

I know I’m in England is a miles away from Utah, but who know’s who’s reading and it’s worth a shot yeah!?

Indica Huddleston, 16 years old
from Alpine, Utah
Missing since Friday 16 August 2013
5’3″ long brown hair, hazel eyes
 A facebook page for her.

Details from Elizabeth:
“my niece ran away from home on friday 8/16. she left a note saying she didn’t want to go back to high school. and told her parents not to worry, that she was “taken care of.” except no one we know, friends or family, could possibly fit this role. no one we know would let her go this many days without contacting us. by the looks of her facebook, she has been in contact with older males (twenties) who may or may not know she is underage. any one of these could be someone she has decided to trust and also be a predator.”

she is officially listed as missing as she has been gone 4 days.
Please share, Please tag #findindica.

update as of tuesday morning:

stories can be found on salt lake’s ksl channel 5 here,
and another story in the herald journal here,
also in the daily mail UK here.


I hope you find your way home little lady x