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it’s been a while huh?!?!?

I guess I’ve been so busy on my own work eyes have been inwards and not looking around for inspiration…

However victorious festival is over now and this local young lady’s work has seriously caught my eye.

Roma May Daly is a Southsea artist and is just incredible!!! She’s got that raw realistic talent that i admire so much!!

Check out her facebook page, her behance profile and her etsy shop!! Go!! NOW!!!

I have just brought a print from her (which are super cheap by the way so got in there now before she realises she should be charing 4 times as much!!!) and with originals from just £30 this is a case of buy them now before this young lady hits the big time (which she will I am sure!!!)

so enough of the chit chat… have a look…. what do you think!?

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it’s the top print which ive just brought… its hauntingly beautiful isnt it!? i cant wait to frame it!