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I had one of those days yesterday, when you seem to be sinking lower and lower and then it just takes a couple of things to tip you over the edge into a mini breakdown… a work issue over nothing that’s been made into something bigger and a comment on facebook being taken out of context and twisted…. in the grand scheme of things i know it’s tiny, minute things, but i could couldnt not let them get to me and my tuesday ended with me sobbing into my pillow.

thank goodness for lovely boys who let you cry on their shoulder, give you bear hugs and watch endless cat you tube videos until you cant help but smile, not at a too fat cat who gets stuck in a cat flap, but at a beautiful man who laughs so hard at these silly videos.

today is a new day though and im trying to shift through the blueness which still lingers… I’m making pressies for one of my bestest and i have dear friends over for dinner tonight…