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Yesterday was Southsea Fest. An annual festival put on by a lovely lady which has a simple motto. One day, one city, one street.

Basically over 100 bands and artists take over multiple venues for a whole day each venue having a different promoter hosting a different stage and selection of musical talent.

I have been going for as long as it has been going and each year have a great time… dashing from one venue to another to ensure seeing various artist play…. I wasnt sure I was going to go this year, but I am oh so very glad I did!!

Myself and my housemate spent the morning ‘youtubing’ suggestions and recommendations trying to make up a vague itinerary for the day… it almost always never works as bands over run and you get chatting to friends, but we did well!

We saw about 90% of the bands we wanted to and discovered so many new artists which I now love! Such great talent!! I am already adding to my youtube playlists and have downloaded an album which is something i rarely do…

We even went to the backstage door to meet on of the artists who had the most incredible voice. You know when you just hear something and it ticks every single box that you didnt even know you liked!? well just that!

So I thought i would share with you my favourite new musical finds from this years SSF….

firstly Foy Vance… just incredible. A voice that will silence a theatre and a really nice man all the way from Ireland that somehow has got a southern american twang to his music… You tube him, buy the album, you will not be sorry.

Next up George Ezra… a package that has been put together wrong, but actually is kinda perfect. there’s this young lad on the stage but with a voice that doesn’t fit… deep, soulful, beautiful. he’s one to watch!! listen to Budapest….

Kimberley Anne was great too… beautiful lady, voice, hair….

Cosmo Sheldrake was amazing to watch…. looping sounds and music and funny noises, he creates music that is fun! He was really really good and super fun to experience…

so there you go… i dont normally do music themed posts but hopefully you’ll enjoy and discover something new….

now, im going to laze in bed and enjoy some tunes… happy sunday lovely people!