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I don’t know about you but we (my boy and I) are rubbish at not working, at taking time out to slow down and smell the flowers you know?!

I work from home, and my business is creating which I do for fun too, so it’s really easy to blur the lines and suddenly I find myself working again….

As well as working full time Maxwell is spending all his spare time working on his boat whilst he still can before he battens down the hatches for the winter….

A combination of these two things with added busy diaries and chores means it’s become a rarity that we have a weekend off doing nothing really!!!

Luckily (and most enjoyably) this weekend was an exception…

On Saturday night we celebrated a friends wedding reception and also
One of my dearest friends birthday!! Was a super fun night!!!

What was a real treat tho, was Sunday, spending a whole day with my lover… He wanted to go to a boat jumble (kinda like a car boot sale, but just boaty bits) so we set our alarms and headed to hamble earlyish… A bacon Sarnie for me and a cup of tea for him then we spent 3hrs ambling round the stalls… Him showing me various funny named things which I had no clue what they were, me pointing out all the old brass goodies!! 🙂 I even brought a few bits… A few boaty bits for him that I hope he’ll forget about by Christmas time, and some amazing retro 60’s coat hooks (which he said would be perfect in a kids room…. Hehe)

After a second look round we went for a bit of a drive to the old village centre and had a walk around, we found a cute historic pub near the water and had some soup and a Sarnie before a little walk and a sit by the sea!

Once we’d got our fill of fresh air we drove home, kicked off our shoes, grabbed a wooly jumper and a blankie and settled down to an afternoon of crappy films and rubbish tv… Perfect!

A homemade veggie roast topped off the perfect day, and bar half an hour or so of him scribbling away in a notebook, we pretty much had a whole day of non work! Yay!!!

What about you….how do you make time for you amongst the work etc etc???

Here’s a few pics I snapped along the way…. Hamble was very quaint and cute by the way!!!