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You know how sometimes, something grabs you and makes you wake up and pay attention, well yes indeedy..

This morning as i was snoozily scrolling through facebook a friend posted a link to this site and i fell in love and needed to share… so I sit here, still in bed writing this post before I’ve even had a shower!

This weeks Art of the Week is a mumma/daughter collaboration, and the results are just charming…

The story goes, Mummy artist aka Mica Angela Hendricks was indulging in a little special one on one time with a brand new sketchbook, when her 4 year old daughter, lets call her mini artist, senses something special is going down and wants in on the action…. whilst mummy artist tries her best to insist grown up art supplies are different from little people’s art supplies, it doesn’t work and her argument is shot down when mini artist simply states “If you can’t share, we might have to take it away if you can’t share”… and that’s where the magic journey begins…. you can read all about it in Mica’s own words on her blog ‘a busy mockingbird’ ( i really suggest you do this, her way of describing the process is beautiful)

Now, are you ready….

6057133_16619088_bDinosaur Girl was their first collaboration and is just brilliant, don’t you think?

Mica would start by sketching the face and then her daughter would take over on the body…. this partnership seemed to take Mica’s art to a level she would have never have thought of…


In my opinion, they have a whimsical, dream like feel to them… and in some cases almost creepy (in a good way)


I love how the body suits the face expressions, I would say by coincidence, but who knows, maybe mini artist senses these expressions and creates accordingly… or maybe, she just draws what ever she fancies and it just works…


Once mini artist has drawn the body, mummy artist takes back the drawing then adds colour and details to complete the creation.


If you want a piece of their artwork, and why wouldn’t you…. they are selling a selection of their prints here.


I would love to hear your thoughts??! I think they are brilliant…. it remind me of an exercise we did at uni, where after a lengthy amount of time working on a sketch, you had to pass it on to the next person (noooooo) exercises like these teach patience and to not be so precious…. in some cases, and certainly in this one… so much more has been gained from Mica (originally begrudgingly) sharing her sketch book with her daughter. What fun!! Have a great day!

Oh Oh Oh…. So after posting this, I went and liked the busy mockingbird on facebook I’ve just seen Mica’s running a competition….. I think you should all get involved… basically… Mica draws the head, you and a friend draw the body!!! Deadline 14 Oct…. Go Go Go!!