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Final installment in this mini series….

Have you enjoyed it? I find it facination how people choose to decorate their home… what to surround yourself with, are you clean and minimal or cluttered?? sleek and clean or vintage and eclectic? Have you done a home series you’d like to share?

At some point I will get round to doing a series on our new home, but I dont think it’s quite there yet…. very nearly but not quite!

So for the last part I thought we’d focus on the bathroom, housemates room (though this has changed each year over the 4 I lived there!) and generally around the house!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing into the home I used to reside?!

IMG_3408 IMG_3417Details from the bathroom…

Sues Room

Around the flat… this and that

so there you go. an end of an era