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So it’s been and gone. Like a whirlwind of fairy lights and baubles… Did you have fun? I sure did!

As my lover snoozes beside me, I find some quiet time to look back, reflect and recall my Christmas 2013.

I’ve always loved Christmas, the specialness of it. For me personally, it’s not a religious celebration, although I’m aware it’s where it’s roots are.

For me its a celebration of love and family. A chance to relax, switch off, spend time with loved ones, give gifts, indulge & have fun. Life can be hard, we’re not very good at switching off and just not doing a lot, I feel people make an effort this time of year and it’s nice.

To watch a movie, from start to finish without getting distracted by social media/gadgets etc… To make time to catch up with friends… To play… Take naps & have lie ins….

I have done all the above and I literally feel relaxed!

Then of course there’s the gift giving. I have always loved giving presents. The joy of finding something perfect for someone… When you see their face literally light up at the thought and emotion…. It’s a gift for you too!!!

We travelled about a lot over those few festive days and loaded the boys van up with boxes and boxes of presents Christmas morning. Whilst I admit I was excited to share the ones for others, I was somewhat embarrassed at the volume of presents which had my name on the labels (I had been totally and utterly spoilt) this fact was not helped later on by disapproving glances from my Nanna (bless her)

Under the watchful eyes of a grandparent and encouraging cheers from the rest of my family, I opened box upon box of vintage, retro and classic board games and puzzles which he had found in various thrift and charity shops! I loved them! I also loved the somewhat promise of cosy future nights in together giggling our way through games together! 🙂

As well as this, and he truly excelled this year, he also made (yes made) me a beautiful wooden stag head mounted on a wooden plate, with a hand engraved plaque. Monty (we’ve since made him was perfect!) later in the day (and to much amusement to the rest of the family who were in on the act – sneaky-sneakersons) another huge box appeared…

It took me a while to notice it, which was rather comical, and with a cryptic label stating ‘the same but different…hmmmm’ he had also brought me the most perfect and beautiful skull & horns! We’ve yet to name this incredibly handsome chap but I adore him and the thought behind it, and the boy who gave him to me!! 🙂

Another thing I really enjoyed on Christmas Day was seeing just how well Maxwell and my Mumma get on. They both made/brought gifts for each other which really meant a lot. Maxwell found a old Lego campervan for Mumma which brought tears to her eyes, a sign of new times ahead and adventures for my beautiful mum, who in return had handmade a stunning waistcoat for my waistcoat loving man! These two… I am blessed to have them!

Anyway, apart from all the presents, we also had some amazing food (does everyone think their parents make the best roast dinner or just me?) I swear this may have been her best yet, ever critical she would say it was frantic and disorganised (definitely not helped by our lateness) but the empty plates and full bellies disagree… It was scrumptious!!! Well done mum & little bro who stepped up to the plate and was a tremendous help!!!

So from Christmas Eve at ours, with friends, family and cocktails, we then headed to the pub for a festive boogie, Christmas morning home alone with stockings and skype calls, a mad late dash down the motorway, a family Christmas Day at Mumma lo’s. Boxing Day took us to Maxwells family for more pressies, puzzle creations and logo making, the next day we visited some elderly friends in Winchester, before heading back to my mums for more Lego and cheese. By the next morning we’d had our full of cheese and people and both felt the need for some fresh air and quite time. A peaceful drive home, we then both clambered into bed (at 2.30pm) watched films, drank lots of water and snuggled! It was just what the doctor ordered.

We’ve spent the last couple of days unpacking, playing, watching festive films and just relaxing.

With the new year looming, I’d like to wish you all an amazing new year, 2013 has been fun!

2014 will see in me turning the big 3-0, My first niece and many more unplanned but no doubt fun times ahead, but with this boy at my side I’m excited… I’ve got some cute resolutions up my sleeve as I near the end of my 2013 photo-a-day diary, which I have completed even if I’ve not posted about it! 😉 more on that later!

Have a wonderful NYE however you decide to spend it! See you next year!!! X ami