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Something insanely exciting has happened in the last two weeks.

I became an auntie for the first time and it makes me tear up just thinking of it.

The fact that this beautiful little girl will be my niece forever is such a wonderful idea. Whist friends have had babies and I’m a god parent, this kinda feels different….

We’re gonna have a bond, this fellow little aires and I… I can just tell.

I love her without knowing why. she is my blood and I know I will always be close to her and be there for her.

Seeing my brother and his wife adapt so easily into this role of parenthood has cemented my admiration of them oh so much. Their love for eachother and pride in how well the other is doing just fills the room and warms the heart.

Watching the way my brother holds Lilly, somewhat awkwardly but with such tenderness is such a beautiful site, he calmed her tears when I, the always good with babies person couldnt… She knew her fathers hold and it calmed her.

And not that I’m biased but my golly, this little lady is a beauty for sure….

I am so excited to watch her grow and be a part of her life…. I look forward to celebrating her life year after year.

I wanted to get her something special, something she could keep forever, something that would remind her always of her auntie Ami…. A while ago I found a silver vintage money box in a junk shop which I fell in love with… Something to keep her treasures in. But I also wanted to give Lilly her very own treasure… I finally decided on a vintage charm bracelet. I want to be able to add to it on every occasion of her life that is important to her… be it a special birthday, a christening, her first day at school, her first love….. Maybe one day she’ll be able to pass it on.

I chose 1 simple charm to start this tradition, a flower of her namesake, a little vintage lilly to celebrate her.

The only downside is the logistic of living not just round the corner, all I can be thankful of is how I know each visit will be super special!

So, with a great auntie pride I’d like to say welcome Lilly Alexandra Lowman… You’re gonna move mountains little one. Love always, your auntie xx

LILLY 4 LILLY7 LILLY8 LILLY5 LILLY6 LILLY1Footnote: how insanely beautiful is my bearded lover holding my 5 day old niece… broody… me? never!……