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52/52 (and a bit extra)

whoooo hoooo….. I’m so sorry for the lateness of this…. only 5 months over due! haha

It’s done though… and what a year it was…. to be honest though…. this year has been pretty swell so far!

I decided this year to not do another photo-a-day diary, I have instead been doing a sketch a week which I will share at some point! 🙂

Thanks for sharing this journey with me and all the likes along the way…. I hope you enjoyed it!

Dec 23

23/12 – the manliest bon bon making you ever did see

Dec 24

24/12 – last minute xmas eve essentials

Dec 25

25/12 – our 2nd christmas ❤


Dec 28

26/12 – the best present from my lover

Dec 27


27/12 – twinnie time

Dec 2628/12 – home and playing puzzles and eating chocolate

Dec 29

29/12 – christmas get togethers with my girls

Dec 30


30/12 – pizza and lego

Dec 31

31/12 – Happy New Year and goodbye 2013 photo-a-day Diary