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So, firstly thank you for putting up with all my photo-a-day diary posts… it feels good to have finally finished my first blog series, albeit outrageously late and a bit scatty!

When I first started this blog I wasn’t really sure what direction it was going to take, what exactly I wanted to share but I just knew that I wanted to share my life, to put it out there along with what I was doing and seeing. I have been following blogs for longer then i have been doing one and there are some many that I follow that I feel a connection with.

The rise of social media and sites such as instagram mean i can receive glimpses into peoples lives that live on the other side of the world as easily as i can see what my friends are up to around the corner.

That’s quite an amazing thing when you take a step back and think about it.

Last year i discovered the wiegands and learnt of a documentary Chris Wiegand was making about American bloggers….

I followed a couple of them already, and followed a few more after learning about the project.

The film has recently been released and I have just taken a couple of hours to sit and watch and im inspired… hence the straight-after-blog-post.

Whilst I know I’m not part of a huge blogging community i admire and appreciate the friendships and community that can be achieved through blogging…. I only follow a couple of uk blogs and would like to discover more.

If you love blogging, whether you’re a long time dedicated poster or someone whose just dipping their toe into uncertain blogging waters, I really recommend you go and watch the film.

You can watch and/or buy it here (by clicking on the buy movie link), which I did… The price starts around $9.99 (it’s around £6.50 if you pay via paypal) but you can up the price if you want/depending on what you want to pay.

The film has received some bad press which I think is a little unfair, but blogging being what it is, you’re going to get. I’m a firm believer in ‘if you’ve not got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ and while you’re entitled to your opinion and each to their own, I personally enjoyed it and felt inspired which I’m sure was one of the reasons for creating the film.

The bloggers talk about why they blog… how they started and how for many it’s now a business which is only something I can hope for in the future.

It got me thinking to why I blog…. what I like about it etc

I take photos, but don’t do anything with them, I have opinions but don’t always share them….

I created a book for me and maxwell, our story told in memories and events and i guess the blog is similar to that but just not an actual tactile thing, it something I’m putting out there to share…. I like the fact that as my live evolves through marriage and babies my story will grow, what i have to share will become more poignant and i really like the fact that in years to come my children and grandchildren can come back here and get a glimpse of who i was and what i loved.

Chris, in the closing credits, sums up the reason he (and I especially) blog so I’d like to share his words….

“Im thankful that my great great grandchildren can look us up and if they wanted to they could read our words, hear our stories, learn from our mistakes and grow from our wisdom. But most of all our great great grandchildren will absolutely know this: that we didn’t want to keep our lives to ourselves”