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a little while back…

(have you noticed I have been absent a lot recently, sorry about that… life has kinda gotten in the way of writing about life)

…moi and my boy took a little roadtrip, a family roadtrip as it would coincide with my awesome little bro’s graduation, seeing my cousins new pad and a big ol’ family bbq to end it all…. oh and our 2 year anniversary!

To start the week we went to Leeds… I’d never been before. Leeds was pretty… and had lots of awesome markets, including this stall which I kinda fell in love with. Of course the main reason was to watch uncle bob graduate with a 2:1 in Garden art and Design. Go Bob!!

From Leeds we went up to York. York was also pretty! We visited my cousin and his family and their new home and explored a bit and then ordered pizza and watched transformers, obviously!

Next stop was Leighton Buzzard to check in on my other bro, sis-in-law and mega cute baby niece… Any trip involving Lilly cuddles is kinda awesome, but we also managed to squeeze in a canal festival and a bit of BBQing (go british summer 2014)

The week ended with our 2 year anniversary and we celebrated like any normal grown up adult couple would do… by spending the day at Legoland in Windsor!

Here’s a few pics from the week away.. (excuse the excess of pics… I whittled it down as much as I could, and you can click on the image to see them bigger!)