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Carol Rossetti is a Brazilian artist who is responsible for a series of illustrations which have been doing the rounds recently on the internet, I saw them a little while ago, really liked them, but never got round to sharing them. As they seem to be ‘hot topic’ again recently I grabbed the opportunity to share with you this wonderful artist who is behind this series of illustrations, titled ‘Women’.

Each instalment depicts a different woman and contains a powerful message that all who share her struggle can relate to.

From celebrating the right to wear a hijab to encouraging body confidence, the illustrations tackle the insecurities and problems women face every day. I personally can relate to many of these stories and guess that most people, male, female, whatever, can relate to too.

Rossetti says of her work: “It’s mostly about our freedom to express our identities and to make our own life choices.”

“It should be something very simple, but we judge and are judged for all our personal choices – it happens the whole time.”

“Ever since I was little I saw this kind of situation, and I find it really damaging to our self-acceptance, so I decided to draw about it, always trying to keep a positive message.”

I sincerely encourage you to check her out, you can follow her on Facebook, via Tumblr or on her Website (where you can also buy directly from her shop)

The ‘Women’ Project began in a very spontaneous and unpretentious way. Carol’s goal was just to practice her technique with coloured pencils while saying something nice to her friends.

Describing how she comes up with the content, Carol explains: “When looking for a theme, I opted for intersectionality for being something that I acknowledge as a personal issue. It always bothered me the world’s constant attempts to control women’s bodies, behaviours and identities. This control is such a deep part of our culture that we hardly ever realise how cruel it is and how it restricts our personal choices. However, I don’t believe it’s enough to discuss exclusively the issues that affect a specific group of women. We also need to talk about racism, homophobia, transphobia, classicism, xenophobia and ableism. The fight for equality and respect is very wide and should be inclusive.

 Not all the situations that I portray are lived exclusively by women. Several of them can be experienced by any human being, and I invite all men to identify as well. This is not a project exclusively for women, nor only about women, neither about all women at the same time. The decision to draw only women was partly motivated by a personal identification. But on the other hand, I find it interesting to awaken in men the chance to identify with female characters. I remember that when I was a kid it was common that the  movies / books / animations starring female characters were seen as “for girls”, while stories with male characters were “for everyone”. The fact that my protagonists are women does not make this is project just “for girls”.

I tried to pick out just a few of my faves…. but I think I’m sharing with you nearly all of them, I felt like I didn’t want to leave anyone out or not share their story so I’ve had to create a gallery, just click on a image to view it larger! Whilst the ones I am sharing are the English versions she also translates into many languages from her Portuguese mother tongue.

I hope you enjoy, that they give you something to smile about, make you think and give you a little boost of confidence that we all need from time to time!